Cryptocurrency Monero, its prospects and forecast for 2018


What is cryptocurrency Monero (XMR)

Cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) is a completely anonymous decentralized cryptocurrency, founded in 2014 as a result of fork cryptocurrency Bytecoin. But initially, Monero had the name BitMonero, which is translated from the dead language as “coin of bitcoin”, but as a result of rebranding it was decided to change it to Monero. Monero developers have decided to build on the Bytecoin code, which uses the CryptoNote protocol, which makes the code cryptocurrency more confusing, complicating the process of disclosing users ‘ data.

Life of cryptocurrency Monero was far from sweet, because at the beginning of its way to cryptocurrency was a pretty powerful hacker attack, which Monero overcame with pride. This fact helped cryptocurrency Monero to gain the trust of users, which resulted in the growth of popularity and cost of Monero.

Technical features of cryptocurrency Monero

Official site –;

Year of foundation – 2014;

Encryption algorithm– CryptoNote;

Protection method – Proof of Work;

Trading ticker – XMR;

Capitalization – $4 775 610 409;

Cost of XMR – $306.71;

The maximum emission is 18 440 000 000 XMR.

The cryptocurrency Monero is based on the CryptoNote protocol, which in addition to the CryptoNight algorithm allows mix of user transactions in the network in such a way that Monero is the most anonymous cryptocurrency. Due to the use of the network of Stealth addresses in which there are 2 keys, the information on transactions is completely hidden.

Course Monero. Where to buy Monero (XMR)

Now, the rate of cryptocurrency Monero, according to the data of the HitBTC exchange, is $312.12. In addition to HitBTC, Monero coins can be bought at the exchanges BinanceBitfinex, Poloniex and Bittrex, mainly for BTC. The price of Monero varies from exchange to exchange, so, before you buy these coins, see the most advantageous courses.

For a long time, the course of Monero was almost unchanged, but in 2017, on the background of certain news, the cost of Monero sharply increased. The first race took place from May to August 2017, and the second, from November to the present day. The maximum cost of cryptocurrency Monero reached 476 dollars for 1 XMR.

Advantages and disadvantages of Monero

Monero, like any other cryptocurrency, has a number of disadvantages and advantages. Therefore, it would be correct to consider both sides of the “medal” Monero, and we will begin, perhaps, with bad.

Disadvantages. The disadvantages of Monero can be attributed to the size of its transactions, which in comparison with other cryptocurrencies almost 10 times more. This fact significantly increases the load on the blockchain cryptocurrency, so, sometimes there may be delays in translations. The second drawback of Monero is its anonymity. It seems to be there, and it is enough to hide data about users, but still, it is not absolute, as for example at Zcash.

Advantages. This cryptocurrency is much safer than most other cryptocurrency that is what made the demand for it, which later allowed it to be in the first 10 by capitalization. However, the appearance of two forks bitcoins shifted Monero on the 11th place.

Mining Monero

Thanks to the CryptoNight technology, we mentioned above, mining Monero is possible only with the help of the central (CPU) and graphic (GPU) processors. As a result, mining using Asic Miner is prohibited. Though, perhaps the CPU mining is supported by the network, it is not actual. Now, the most profitable kind of mining Monero is mining with the help of graphics cards (GPU). If you do mining Monero based on the Linux operating system, its efficiency is increased. The minimum amount of coins of coins XMR, which can be deduced – 0.01 XMR. When the maximum number of XMR coins is reached, mining Monero will continue to be relevant. The reward for solving of one block will be 0.6 coins, at average time of block generation – 2 minutes.

Monero. Cryptocurrency prospects for 2018

Now, cryptocurrency Monero is one of the leaders among anonymous cryptocurrency. If the team of developers of cryptocurrency Monero will popularize it and implement it in other projects, the cost of cryptocurrency in 2018 will be able to reach 1000 dollars for XMR. Do not forget the fact that every year, the unproduced blocks are becoming smaller, which in turn increases its cost.

Wallet of cryptocurrency Monero

To store cryptocurrency Monero, you can use a wallet on the stock exchange where you buy coins or the same native wallet Monero. You can download the wallet on the official website in the “Downloads” tab. The main criterion for the installation of the wallet is the 64-bit operating system. After installing Monero Wallet, you will need some time to synchronize with the system. It is Monero Wallet is considered the most reliable place to store coins. If you do not want to install additional software on your computer, use the online wallet that is here.


To summarize, we can say that Monero is suitable for most users of cryptocurrency, which will develop in the future. It is also attractive for users who invest in the crypt for the purpose of earning, because it has the potential for growth (at least up to the price of Dash). You need to use it to appreciate all the charms and benefits of this network, because in another way it is not appreciated. Friends.

Cryptocurrency IOTA, its prospects and forecast for 2018


Features cryptocurrency IOTA

The most important factor that makes a special project IOTA is the Tangle technology, which is the basis of its work. The advantage of this technology is the speed of transaction confirmation, which is increased by increasing network members. In addition, the network of transfers within the IOTA is designed so that to send a new transaction, the participant must make a confirmation of 2 transactions made by other members of the network.

When creating IOTA, the developers have swung on the implementation of the project, which aims to develop a revolutionary idea – the Internet of Things (IoT). Yves is a new branch of human technology development, an idea that is to create a global network of devices, which have sensors, sensors and cameras. According to analysts’ forecasts, by 2022, the number of devices would increase 13 billion and will reach 29 bln. units.

Prospects of cryptocurrency IOTA

The development of the Internet of Things, or as it is also called Internet (IoT), are engaged in leading technology companies such as: Microsoft, Samsung, Google, IBM and others. With some of these companies, the project IOTA cooperates now, and with some are negotiating to implement the idea of the Internet of Things by common efforts.

The fact that IoT development is engaged in such companies suggests that this network will have demand among users, because it would be foolish to believe that the world’s giants will spend their resources on the realization of something “unreal” or “impossible”.

According to forecasts of all the same analysts, more than half of all devices, by 2022 will be connected to the Internet of Things, and accordingly within the given network will “walk” the payment means. According to the idea of the project IOTA, their coin miota, will become the main settlement tool for IoT. All these factors will positively affect the price growth of Miota.

Cryptocurrency IOTA Forecast 2018

Will 2018 be the defining for the Internet of Things and Miota? It’s a complicated question. Most likely, the main stage of development of these technologies will take place in 2019 and 2020, and it is then to expect a rapid increase in the cost of IOTA. However, in 2018, the course of IOTA will also grow, and if to consider the present value of IOTA – $1.6, this year we shall see at least 400% of growth of this cryptocurrency.

The maximum price of IOTA was shown on December 20, 2017, and was $5.37. In addition, most likely, in the coming months, we will see a return to this level.

Is it worth to invest in IOTA

In our opinion, cryptocurrency IOTA is one of the most attractive instruments for long-term investment. This project has every chance to take a leading position in the capitalization of digital projects in the world.

Mark $100 per coin, quite real, but for this we should see the development of the Internet of Things project.


If you are interested in this project, you can read in this article the instruction for its purchase, and instructions for using the wallet for it, is here. That’s all, thank you for staying with us.

Cryptocurrency Litecoin, its prospects and forecast for 2018


To buy cryptocurrency Litecoin

Sharp increase in the value of cryptocurrency Ethereum last year noticed almost everything, and it is not strange, because we observed more than 100 times increase in the price of Ether. However, cryptocurrency Litecoin showed not much less growth, and set its maximum at the level of $372. Now, you can buy LTC coins on the Binance exchange at the price of $178.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Litecoin

Litecoin is a digital coin that was created as an analogue of Bitcoin, so its functionality is identical to the functionality of Bitcoin, although there are a number of improvements. Lighting network technology, for example, allows the Litecoin network to make instant transactions. Whether these features are enough to satisfy the current requests of cryptocurrency users is a question. It seems to us, that there are cryptocurrency, which have more advanced characteristics, therefore it is impossible to name prospects Litecoin  not strongly promising.

Cryptocurrency Litecoin, forecast 2018

The value of any asset can not grow continuously and long. Any asset that showed an impressive continuous growth eventually should show the correction. Chart Litecoin is confirmation, the cost of digital silver showed a tendency to rise to 100 dollars per coin for several months, and if you look at its schedule, you will see a confirmation of these words.

The second stage of growth of the cost of Litecoin, was racing from 130 dollars to 334 dollars. After such jumps, always follow the correction, so we saw the correction to the level of 200 dollars, and then the decline is even lower. Given the functional and technical characteristics of cryptocurrency Litecoin count on its strong growth in 2018 is not worth it.

Most likely, we will see a slow but confident growth to its maximum-372 dollars for LTC, and a long-term trading in this range. The aggressive growth of Litecoin can only happen through fundamental news, such as the conclusion of partnership agreements with other companies. But, in any case, the cost of Litecoin will show new heights thanks to the general trend of cryptocurrency market growth.

By the end of 2018, we will see the cost of one LTC in the area of 500 dollars per coin. This will be our prediction of cryptocurrency Litecoin.

Investing in Litecoin

Whether it is worth investing in cryptocurrency in 2018, it is your decision personally. However, this review will help you to see one more version that will help you to make decisions. This is all, friends, thanks for reading the blog on

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin, its prospects and forecast for 2018


A bit about Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin is already an adult cryptocurrency, was created in 2013. Despite its humorousness, cryptocurrency Dogecoin attracted a great public interest in cryptocurrency, thanks to its emblem. This popularity is measured in the capitalization of the project, which reaches $500 billion dollars.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Dogecoin

It is very difficult to talk about the prospects of cryptocurrency Dogecoin, because investors value this tool as a training tool for novice investors. We will not hide, when we just got acquainted with the sphere of cryptocurrency, we first bought coins Dogecoin, which in the course of 1.5 months, of our 100 dollars made almost 300. This investment opened for us the world of cryptocurrency as a very promising and highly profitable investment market.

Unfortunately, serious investors do not evaluate Dogecoin as a promising and necessary digital tool. There are two factors, that can affect the growth of the value of DOGE coins. The first is the influx of new investors, who stumble to articles about the prospects of Dogecoin, looking for promising coins. The second is the linear growth of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin, forecast 2018

At its peak, the cost of Dogecoin was equal to $0.017359, but now it has rolled to $0.004601, respectively the rate has dropped by 400%. Expect the growth of the value of DOGE to the level of $1 by the end of 2018, probably not worth it. We believe that the maximum that will subdue this cryptocurrency is located in the range of 5-7 cents per coin.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Dogecoin

As we have already said, this kind of digital money was our first investment experience in cryptocurrency. We kept it on the wallet Kriptonator, which is probably the first resource used by novice investors. If you do not want to buy a cryptocurrency on your wallet, you can buy them on the exchange; the link to the site with the lowest commissions is here.


This is how we see the future of cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which, despite its comic, has gained worldwide fame and love of Internet users. If you are only joined to the number of investors of the digital industry, then Dogecoin is the tool that will be an excellent option for training.

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Cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic (ETC), its prospects and forecast for 2018


A bit about Ethereum Classic

Cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic was formed on July 20, 2016 as a result of split of the second capitalization cryptocurrency and platform for development of decentralized applications of Ethereum. The reason for the split was the burglary of the famous TheDAO fund. After this event all the coin holder had to choose the option of further developments to return the stolen, and one of the options was the holding of softfork. But, the opinions are divided, and we saw the appearance of ETC. More about the history of the division, you can read here.

Perspectives of cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic

Friends, before we start to talk about the prospects of cryptocurrency ETC, we would like to know your opinion about this cryptocurrency. Write in the comments what do you think will happen with ETC in 2018. The main factor, which will be able to push the cost of classical ether, is last year’s hardfork, as a result of which, the maximum emission of coins ETC decreased by 20 million, to 210 million coins. Immediately after this event, the Ethereum Classic graph went up. This is the main aspect that will affect the cost of Ethereum Classic. A less important factor is the attractiveness ETC for mining.

Cryptocurrency ETC, forecast 2018

To estimate the growth ceiling for Ethereum Classic is necessary on the basis of its maximum price – $45.51, shown on January 14, 2018. This mark, the price tried to penetrate 3 times, but after all the effort, she still went deep down. However, it made this correction in order to overcome this level 4-time. According to our forecasts, after breaking through the level $45, we will see an increase of 40% (about such growth shows this cryptocurrency after the penetration of levels), i.e. this year, you should expect the price of 1 ETC in the area $63. After that, the correction in the range of 45-50 dollars is likely to follow.

Is it worth to invest in Ethereum Classic

Our opinion is that at the moment the coin ETC should be considered only as an investment opportunity to generate income. This is due to the fact that its functionality will no longer be in great demand among developers. The main reason for this is the appearance of a large number of competitors.

In the last couple of days, the course ETC has grown significantly, but there is still a chance to buy it at a low price. If you want to expand your investment portfolio with cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic, go here to buy.

That is all, friends. Do not forget to write your opinion about the prospects of cryptocurrency ETC in 2018, and you can write about your opinions about our forecast.

Cryptocurrency NEO, its prospects and forecast for 2018

Is it worth to invest in NEO in 2018

In this article, we will not tell you, what cryptocurrency NEO is and what functionality it offers its users. To do this, we have a review article that you can read here. Regarding the feasibility of investing in Neo in 2018, it can be said that this is appropriate. The rationale for these words, you can read in the next section.

Prospects of cryptocurrency NEO

Everyone knows that cryptocurrency NEO is often called the Chinese Ethereum, and it is not for nothing, because these two sites provide very similar functionality for their users. Now, about 80% of all created blockchain projects and conducted ICO work on Blockchain of Ethereum. However, soon this picture should change, because there are platforms that can create an Ether worthy of competition. The NEO platform is a direct proof of this. This platform is aimed at developers of blockchain projects from China, and you probably know how the Chinese love everything that is produced by their compatriots. This is the so-called support of the domestic manufacturer. When China banned the ICO in the country in mid-2017, many experts said that they had just started cleaning the area to go there more prepared and with their platform. And the other day, there was information that China could lift the ban on the ICO in 2018.

Cryptocurrency NEO forecast 2018

To make a forecast of cryptocurrency NEO for 2018 is a bit more complicated, because now its cost is near the peaks, which makes it impossible to predict the price movement based on technical analysis. The maximum price of cryptocurrency NEO was equal to 180 dollars, and this maximum was fixed on January 15, 2018. According to our forecasts by the end of January, the cost of one NEO coin will reach 200 dollars, and the end of 2018 it will haggle in the range of 800-1000 dollars for one coin. The main engines of the price will be news from the celestial. If, however, the Chinese government will lift the ban on the ICO, we will see a sharp rise in the value of NEO, and may even see indicators above 1000 dollars per coin. However, as they say, we will see.

Where to buy cryptocurrency NEO

Having read such a positive and pleasant review, you probably have a desire to buy a few coins NEO. Therefore, we decided to give you two exchanges where you can do it. Buying coins on the Binance exchange, you will be able to trade with the lowest commissions on transactions, and you have the opportunity to receive dividends in the form of GAS, for the storage of NEO on this exchange. To get GAS for NEO storage, you can store coins on your own wallet.


Friends, on this we will finish our forecast cryptocurrency NEO for 2018. If you want to get acquainted with our other “forecasts”, go to the section “cryptocurrency forecast“, and if you want to be always aware of the most current events, subscribe to our Facebook.

Cryptocurrency EOS, its prospects and forecast for 2018


Investing in cryptocurrency EOS

As early as in the middle of 2017, investments in cryptocurrency EOS were considered to be one of the most promising and profitable, but is it so in 2018? We are one of those who managed to buy cryptocurrency EOS on $3 apiece, and by this point, we have already sung to make 400% profit on each coin. We still believe that in 2018, the cost of cryptocurrency EOS will grow throughout the year 2018. To be sure of this, we just need to look at the EOS chart, but first let’s take the EOS perspective.

Prospects of cryptocurrency EOS

Cryptocurrency EOS is a new “operating system” for blockchain applications, which at the moment, works with the network of cryptocurrency Ethereum and performs testing of its mechanism. About the prospects of cryptocurrency EOS says its mechanism, which is able to handle a hundred thousand transactions per second, and given the current problems of the sphere of cryptocurrency in this aspect, this advantage is even more visible. At the moment, we can not estimate all the advantages of this project, as it is not yet started. Launch of the working version of EOS will happen in 2018, more precisely in the second half, and if the developers fulfill all their plans, we can see another competitor of cryptocurrency Ethereum. By the way, about the developers, Daniel Larimer, is an ideological mastermind and one of the creator of the EOS platform, the main goal of which is to create a universal platform for the deployment of decentralized applications.

Cryptocurrency EOS has several significant differences, which are undeniable advantages. The main differences between EOS and Ethereum are the DPoS method, the possibility of “repairing” poorly functioning applications and the existence of a constitutional base that will help to solve legal issues between the participants. There are still many differences between these two models, but we will not write about them.

Cryptocurrency EOS, forecast 2018

To make technical analysis of cryptocurrency EOS, it is necessary to look at its chart. So, on the EOS chart, we see the maximum point at the level of $18.16 after which there was a descent of almost 10 dollars, during the general correction of the market. From January 17, 2018, we observe a smooth but confident approximation to their highs, based on their specificity of the price movement of EOS in the past, we can assume that the price, for the moment, is gaining strength to set new highs. According to our forecasts, in February-March 2018, the cost of one coin EOS will test a new maximum, which would be in the range of 25-27 dollars. But, it is only taking into account the technical analysis of the structure of the EOS graphics, and in order to make a deeper picture, we will have to look at the fundamental factors. There will be 2 major fundamental factors for the cryptocurrency EOS in 2018. First, there will be a second stage of fundraising, during which we can see a very strong race value of the coin, followed by a deep correction. And the second factor will be the launch of the main EOS platform – this event we expect in the second half of the year. Given these two events, more precisely their importance, we can see a graph that will look like a cardiogram man right after a jog.

Where to buy cryptocurrency EOS

Immediately after the ICO, Daniel Larimer took care that his tokens were traded on the most popular and top stock exchanges, such as Binance. By the way, the cost of one token EOS at the time of writing, is $14. Store coins, you can directly on the Binance exchange or on the multicurrency wallet Exodus.


That’s all, friends. That’s our forecast cryptocurrency EOS for 2018. You can read the forecasts of other cryptocurrencies for 2018 in the rubric “Cryptocurrency Forecasts“.

Cryptocurrency KIN, its prospects and forecast for 2018

A bit about KIN

Cryptocurrency KIN is a digital token of the Kik Messenger platform. The anonymity of this application is achieved by not binding the account in the Messenger to the phone number. The main competitor of Kik Messenger is Pavel Durovs’ Telegram, who will present his new project very soon.

Prospects of cryptocurrency KIN

The best thing about the prospects of cryptocurrency KIN says the number of its potential users, the number of which is nearing the Mark 500 thousand users. The last race cost cryptocurrency KIN was associated with its addition in the listing on the Coinbit exchange. The next important event in the life of KIN will be the launch of the KIN Rewards engine, which, in the opinion of the crypto community, will enable this digital currency to reach its historical maximum – $0.001473 per token. Nevertheless, this is a very bright perspective for this cryptocurrency.

To be realistic, you need to put a more realistic goal for KIN, so we bet that by the beginning of the 4th quarter the value of the 1st token KIN will be equal to $0.000930.

Cryptocurrency KIN, forecast 2018

As in the activity of traders, rather than the expansion of the community and the practical application of cryptocurrency, cause most cases, after adding a coin to the exchange, its value increases dramatically, but this growth. Therefore, during this week, most likely, we will observe the decrease in the cost of cryptocurrency KIN to the mark $0.000200.

Adding tokens to the listing is an event that in the short term gives a good opportunity for earning on the growth of cryptocurrency. However, and in the long run, this news plays a positive role in the development of the project. We believe that the more sites trade some particular cryptocurrency, the more chances of the project to survive and simply not to be forgotten.

Investing in cryptocurrency KIN

The most advantageous moment for investing in KIN tokens was the period at the end of 2017. Since then, the cost of cryptocurrency has increased at least 5 times. If you want to buy KIN tokens now, you should expect to have “to hold” tokens for two blocks. However, the profit can pleasantly surprise you-x3.

Where to buy cryptocurrency KIN

Until May 11, the most popular exchanges, where it was possible to buy cryptocurrency KIN, were the sites of HitBTC, Mercatox and EtherDELTA. Now, tokens can be bought at the Coinbit exchange for $0.000334 apiece. The capitalization of the project is 255 million dollars.

Friends, what do you think about the prospects of cryptocurrency KIN?

Cryptocurrency Nano, its prospects and forecast for 2018


A bit about Nano

Cryptocurrency Nano is a decentralized platform that does not provide users with any other features other than cash. This means that the developers have taken care to create an undiversified and perfect system for carrying out transactions. The main advantages of Nano:

– Instant translations;

– Absence of commissions;

– Network scaling.

Right after the creation, Nano had the name RaiBlocks, but the developers realized that with such a name it will be difficult and changed it.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Nano

The cryptocurrency Nano team has chosen a very correct marketing strategy and has not been sprayed into providing a large number of features on the platform. All their attention, they focused on realizing the idea of a perfect payment system. Thanks to this, they managed to create a platform on which there are no commissions for transactions at lightning-fast execution. Over security, the developers have worked no less and created a very reliable system.

Thanks to all of the above listed, it can be assumed that cryptocurrency Nano has very great advantages for development in the coming years. But, it should be noted that already now this cryptocurrency has a huge capitalization of $1.1 bn.

Nano forecast for 2018

There is a feeling that this project will be very popular. And we will not now once again describe its advantages to convince you that this is a worthwhile project. According to our forecasts, this cryptocurrency has every chance to reach the mark $50 for the coin by the middle of the year and $100 to its end this year.

What do you think about the cost of this cryptocurrency in 2018?

Where to buy cryptocurrency Nano

As with most cryptocurrency, NANO coins can be bought at the Binance exchange, at $8.63 apiece. Today, the daily trading volume of this coin amounted to more than 10% of its total capitalization and amounted to $122 mln.

More information about exchanges and wallets on which you can store cryptocurrency NANO, you can in this article. Just do not look that there is an old RaiBlocks name.


Friends, these thoughts are in our head concerning cryptocurrency Nano. Their consent or vice versa in the comments under article. That’s all, and if you like this article, then do it a repost on social networks.

Cryptocurrency NEM, its prospects and forecast for 2018


A bit about NEM

Cryptocurrency NEM – is not just another coin, which has some differences from Bitcoin, it is a completely exclusive branch of the development of blockchain culture. Developers NEM tired over the creation of their platform, and issued a very interesting product that has every chance for existence. The NEM platform is a mixture of Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple, if it is correct to say so. First, the NEM network can boast its speed, which is 10 times higher than the Bitcoin network speed. Secondly, on the platform NEM, developers can develop their projects, and subsequently conduct the ICO, to attract investment. Third, the NEM team is aimed at integration into the banking system and cooperation with banks.

As you can see, cryptocurrency NEM is a very diverse blockchain platform.

Prospects of cryptocurrency NEM

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency NEM is a “real” project that is in demand among users of different levels of status and income. In evidence of this, says its capitalization, which after a large collapse of the market is 5 billion dollars, and the maximum value was 18 billion.

On the prospects of further growth cryptocurrency NEM indicate the plans of developers who are now working on the creation of their stock exchange. Our own trading platform will make it safer and easier to buy and sell XEM coins, as well as increase the reliability of cryptocurrency. In addition, its focus on the banking sector also points to the prospects of XEM, which immediately increases the level of government confidence in the project. If the developers can conclude contracts with several operating financial institutions, we can see a sharp impulse of the price to the “sky”.

Cryptocurrency XEM forecast 2018

Slightly higher, we tried to describe the advantages and features of cryptocurrency XEM, but that’s not all. More detailed description of this project, you can see here.

In the past, we have already seen the cost of one coin NEM near the mark of $2, followed by a slow decline in value, but it was due to the general correction of the market. The achievement of the price in $1.92 was caused by the fourth wave of Elliot. From the fifth wave, and the coming general news background on the cryptocurrency market, we expect an increase in value to 4-6 dollars by the end of 2018.

Repeated testing of the already achieved level $1.92 can occur much earlier, and there are all the prerequisites that it will happen in late March or early April 2018.

Where to buy cryptocurrency XEM

Since the NEM project has huge capitalization, it is not strange to see the fact that it is on a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges. You can buy XEM onBinance Zaif, Huobi, and HitBTC.

Given the current cost of XEM – $0.54, now is the time to take up its purchase, because if our prediction will come true, the holders of coins, all the chances of getting x10 during the year. The coins that can give X10 are the main candidates for investment in 2018.


Friends, this is all, if you got to this review randomly, then go to our forecasts section, there we have prepared for you a number of predictions for 2018. If you are not the first time on our site, and still not subscribed to us in the social networks, the links for this are: Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

Cryptocurrency Cardano, its prospekts and forecast for 2018

Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA)

Cryptocurrency ADA is one of the most discussed cryptocurrency recently, and as you already know, the value of digital money is growing directly in proportion to the growth of its popularity among traders and investors. Thanks to this, cryptocurrency Cardano managed to quickly break into the top 5 most capitalized blockchain projects, where it occupies an honorable 5th place with an index of 11.5 billion dollars. If you want to get a more detailed overview of this platform, go here or watch a YouTube video from a blogger named Raketa t8.

If you like this video, you can subscribe to the Sergeis’ official channel, the link to which is here.

Perspectives of cryptocurrency ADA

The Cardano platform has all the necessary features that must be present in blockchain projects of the next generation. However, expect that the popularity of Cardano will be supported not only by investment and by speculative mood, but also by deeds – it is not worth it. Now let’s explain why we think so. First, the Cardano platform is a new generation project in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, which on the one hand is its dignity and its drawback. An exceptional feature of Cardano, is the possibility of interaction between all blockchain projects, but in the current situation – this idea is not urgently needed. Therefore, we believe that the Cardano project will get more popularity in 2019 than in the current year. However, the rise in the value of ADA coins will also occur this year. The main factors for its growth will be a significant infusion of funds into the cryptocurrency market, and since Cardano is in the top 5 projects, it will be very attractive for the investment project.

Cardano forecast (ADA) in 2018

As we said above, cryptocurrency ADA has every chance to become one of the most sought-after in the market cryptocurrency, but it should come time. Now, the palm of the championship will still keep Ethereum, but eventually to its place will be target exactly Cardano.

According to our assumptions, this year, it will be possible to see the cost of Cardano slightly above its maximum values. The maximum price of Cardano was fixed on January 4, 2018, and it was $1.28 when the project was capitalized just above 30 billion. It is foolish to expect that the Cardano coin will cost 5 or more dollars by the end of 2018, because in this case it would overtake all other projects. The maximum that will be surrendered to ADA in 2018 is $2.1 and in this case, the capitalization of the project will reach a high 50 billion dollars. However, again, these are only assumptions, and if investors and speculators will consider Cardano as a tool for pumping, then we can see and unreasonable from technical point of view indicators.

A great value for cryptocurrency ADA will be to play 2019, which, according to the developers, they will be able to complete all their plans.

Is it worth investing in Cardano now?

Last month, we are witnessing the rapid fall of the cryptocurrency market, and practically every day we observe how the market draws all new levels of support and then punches them. But, within the next 2 weeks, the market of cryptocurrency will start a new trend – the growth trend, during which the value of most coins is increased several times. That is why there is no better time to invest in cryptocurrency than now. Every, 100 invested dollars will give you 100 dollars of profit already within a month. Given the fact that after its peak price Cardano showed a drop of 400%, it can be expected that this handicap it will work out very quickly.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum, its prospects and forecast for 2018


What is cryptocurrency Ethereum

Cryptocurrency Ethereum is a platform that has given the world new opportunities in the blockchain world. This cryptocurrency is often called Bitcoin 2.0, and it is justified, because now, the Ether has become more popular and popular than Bitcoin. If you want to get more information about this cryptocurrency, read this article.

Investing in Ethereum

Is it worth investing in Ethereum in 2018? So looks the main question of the person who saw the growth of the value of cryptocurrency Ethereum in 2017. For those who do not know, the cost of one ETH in early 2017 was 8.5 dollars, and the end of the year, this cost was about 700 dollars apiece. However, whether Ether can repeat similar growth in 2018, we will now consider.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Ethereum

To assess the prospects of Bitcoin, it is necessary in terms of the capabilities of its network, such as commissions and speed. But, cryptocurrency Ethereum has a different set of characteristics on which it needs to be evaluated. The future of the Ether depends on the speed of development of its competitors, such as Cardano, and the success of Blockchain startups already launched on its platform.

However, compared to bitcoin and other altcoins, Ether has one advantage. Demand for it is constantly supported, thanks to a number of ICO, selling its tokens based on the protocol ERC20, to buy which is possible only for the Ether.

Last year 2017, was boom to raise funds through Initial Coin offer. Most of the projects that were funded in 2017 set a goal to start this year. Accordingly, we will observe an attention to everything that is based on blockchain of Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum, forecast for 2018

We can state the fact that the forecasts regarding the cost of cryptocurrency Ethereum in times less, if compared with Bitcoin. This is good on the one hand, because less destructive information gets into our attention, but on the other hand, it becomes more difficult to understand where the price of the ether will move. Now, we will try to make a more or less constructive picture and make a forecast of the ether for 2018.

First, we will try to analyze Ether schedule.

If you compare the graphics cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum, the picture of the second, we can say that it is more similar to the chart of the financial instrument, as it is visible elements of a reasonable and logical movement. Now, the cost of one Ether coin is $1 065, and in this range it trades 10 days. The main resistance level, which does not give the price to grow, is the level $1200. Therefore, we can state the fact that after breaking this mark, we can observe the growth, at least to the range of 1400-1500 dollars. However, this way will be very long. This level, the price of ether will be able to penetrate, at least in March, after which we can see x2, until the end of April 2018. This means that by the middle of the year, the cost of one coin ETH will be 2800-3000 dollars, followed by another correction to the level of $2000.

By the end of 2018, we expect the cost of cryptocurrency Ethereum to be equal to $3500.

Where to buy Ethereum

Cryptocurrency Ethereum, is the second most popular and capitalization of cryptocurrency, so you can buy it almost on any exchange, and for storage, you can use both native wallets and multi resources.

That’s all, friends. This is our forecast of cryptocurrency Ethereum in 2018 from the blog