Cryptocurrency NEO, its prospects and forecast for 2018

Is it worth to invest in NEO in 2018

In this article, we will not tell you, what cryptocurrency NEO is and what functionality it offers its users. To do this, we have a review article that you can read here. Regarding the feasibility of investing in Neo in 2018, it can be said that this is appropriate. The rationale for these words, you can read in the next section.

Prospects of cryptocurrency NEO

Everyone knows that cryptocurrency NEO is often called the Chinese Ethereum, and it is not for nothing, because these two sites provide very similar functionality for their users. Now, about 80% of all created blockchain projects and conducted ICO work on Blockchain of Ethereum. However, soon this picture should change, because there are platforms that can create an Ether worthy of competition. The NEO platform is a direct proof of this. This platform is aimed at developers of blockchain projects from China, and you probably know how the Chinese love everything that is produced by their compatriots. This is the so-called support of the domestic manufacturer. When China banned the ICO in the country in mid-2017, many experts said that they had just started cleaning the area to go there more prepared and with their platform. And the other day, there was information that China could lift the ban on the ICO in 2018.

Cryptocurrency NEO forecast 2018

To make a forecast of cryptocurrency NEO for 2018 is a bit more complicated, because now its cost is near the peaks, which makes it impossible to predict the price movement based on technical analysis. The maximum price of cryptocurrency NEO was equal to 180 dollars, and this maximum was fixed on January 15, 2018. According to our forecasts by the end of January, the cost of one NEO coin will reach 200 dollars, and the end of 2018 it will haggle in the range of 800-1000 dollars for one coin. The main engines of the price will be news from the celestial. If, however, the Chinese government will lift the ban on the ICO, we will see a sharp rise in the value of NEO, and may even see indicators above 1000 dollars per coin. However, as they say, we will see.

Where to buy cryptocurrency NEO

Having read such a positive and pleasant review, you probably have a desire to buy a few coins NEO. Therefore, we decided to give you two exchanges where you can do it. Buying coins on the Binance exchange, you will be able to trade with the lowest commissions on transactions, and you have the opportunity to receive dividends in the form of GAS, for the storage of NEO on this exchange. To get GAS for NEO storage, you can store coins on your own wallet.


Friends, on this we will finish our forecast cryptocurrency NEO for 2018. If you want to get acquainted with our other “forecasts”, go to the section “cryptocurrency forecast“, and if you want to be always aware of the most current events, subscribe to our Facebook.

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