Cryptocurrency Nano, its prospects and forecast for 2018


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    A bit about Nano

    Cryptocurrency Nano is a decentralized platform that does not provide users with any other features other than cash. This means that the developers have taken care to create an undiversified and perfect system for carrying out transactions. The main advantages of Nano:

    – Instant translations;

    – Absence of commissions;

    – Network scaling.

    Right after the creation, Nano had the name RaiBlocks, but the developers realized that with such a name it will be difficult and changed it.

    Prospects of cryptocurrency Nano

    The cryptocurrency Nano team has chosen a very correct marketing strategy and has not been sprayed into providing a large number of features on the platform. All their attention, they focused on realizing the idea of a perfect payment system. Thanks to this, they managed to create a platform on which there are no commissions for transactions at lightning-fast execution. Over security, the developers have worked no less and created a very reliable system.

    Thanks to all of the above listed, it can be assumed that cryptocurrency Nano has very great advantages for development in the coming years. But, it should be noted that already now this cryptocurrency has a huge capitalization of $1.1 bn.

    Nano forecast for 2018

    There is a feeling that this project will be very popular. And we will not now once again describe its advantages to convince you that this is a worthwhile project. According to our forecasts, this cryptocurrency has every chance to reach the mark $50 for the coin by the middle of the year and $100 to its end this year.

    What do you think about the cost of this cryptocurrency in 2018?

    Where to buy cryptocurrency Nano

    As with most cryptocurrency, NANO coins can be bought at the Binance exchange, at $8.63 apiece. Today, the daily trading volume of this coin amounted to more than 10% of its total capitalization and amounted to $122 mln.

    More information about exchanges and wallets on which you can store cryptocurrency NANO, you can in this article. Just do not look that there is an old RaiBlocks name.


    Friends, these thoughts are in our head concerning cryptocurrency Nano. Their consent or vice versa in the comments under article. That’s all, and if you like this article, then do it a repost on social networks.

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