Cryptocurrency Litecoin, its prospects and forecast for 2018


To buy cryptocurrency Litecoin

Sharp increase in the value of cryptocurrency Ethereum last year noticed almost everything, and it is not strange, because we observed more than 100 times increase in the price of Ether. However, cryptocurrency Litecoin showed not much less growth, and set its maximum at the level of $372. Now, you can buy LTC coins on the Binance exchange at the price of $178.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Litecoin

Litecoin is a digital coin that was created as an analogue of Bitcoin, so its functionality is identical to the functionality of Bitcoin, although there are a number of improvements. Lighting network technology, for example, allows the Litecoin network to make instant transactions. Whether these features are enough to satisfy the current requests of cryptocurrency users is a question. It seems to us, that there are cryptocurrency, which have more advanced characteristics, therefore it is impossible to name prospects Litecoin  not strongly promising.

Cryptocurrency Litecoin, forecast 2018

The value of any asset can not grow continuously and long. Any asset that showed an impressive continuous growth eventually should show the correction. Chart Litecoin is confirmation, the cost of digital silver showed a tendency to rise to 100 dollars per coin for several months, and if you look at its schedule, you will see a confirmation of these words.

The second stage of growth of the cost of Litecoin, was racing from 130 dollars to 334 dollars. After such jumps, always follow the correction, so we saw the correction to the level of 200 dollars, and then the decline is even lower. Given the functional and technical characteristics of cryptocurrency Litecoin count on its strong growth in 2018 is not worth it.

Most likely, we will see a slow but confident growth to its maximum-372 dollars for LTC, and a long-term trading in this range. The aggressive growth of Litecoin can only happen through fundamental news, such as the conclusion of partnership agreements with other companies. But, in any case, the cost of Litecoin will show new heights thanks to the general trend of cryptocurrency market growth.

By the end of 2018, we will see the cost of one LTC in the area of 500 dollars per coin. This will be our prediction of cryptocurrency Litecoin.

Investing in Litecoin

Whether it is worth investing in cryptocurrency in 2018, it is your decision personally. However, this review will help you to see one more version that will help you to make decisions. This is all, friends, thanks for reading the blog on

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