Cryptocurrency KIN, its prospects and forecast for 2018

A bit about KIN

Cryptocurrency KIN is a digital token of the Kik Messenger platform. The anonymity of this application is achieved by not binding the account in the Messenger to the phone number. The main competitor of Kik Messenger is Pavel Durovs’ Telegram, who will present his new project very soon.

Prospects of cryptocurrency KIN

The best thing about the prospects of cryptocurrency KIN says the number of its potential users, the number of which is nearing the Mark 500 thousand users. The last race cost cryptocurrency KIN was associated with its addition in the listing on the Coinbit exchange. The next important event in the life of KIN will be the launch of the KIN Rewards engine, which, in the opinion of the crypto community, will enable this digital currency to reach its historical maximum – $0.001473 per token. Nevertheless, this is a very bright perspective for this cryptocurrency.

To be realistic, you need to put a more realistic goal for KIN, so we bet that by the beginning of the 4th quarter the value of the 1st token KIN will be equal to $0.000930.

Cryptocurrency KIN, forecast 2018

As in the activity of traders, rather than the expansion of the community and the practical application of cryptocurrency, cause most cases, after adding a coin to the exchange, its value increases dramatically, but this growth. Therefore, during this week, most likely, we will observe the decrease in the cost of cryptocurrency KIN to the mark $0.000200.

Adding tokens to the listing is an event that in the short term gives a good opportunity for earning on the growth of cryptocurrency. However, and in the long run, this news plays a positive role in the development of the project. We believe that the more sites trade some particular cryptocurrency, the more chances of the project to survive and simply not to be forgotten.

Investing in cryptocurrency KIN

The most advantageous moment for investing in KIN tokens was the period at the end of 2017. Since then, the cost of cryptocurrency has increased at least 5 times. If you want to buy KIN tokens now, you should expect to have “to hold” tokens for two blocks. However, the profit can pleasantly surprise you-x3.

Where to buy cryptocurrency KIN

Until May 11, the most popular exchanges, where it was possible to buy cryptocurrency KIN, were the sites of HitBTC, Mercatox and EtherDELTA. Now, tokens can be bought at the Coinbit exchange for $0.000334 apiece. The capitalization of the project is 255 million dollars.

Friends, what do you think about the prospects of cryptocurrency KIN?

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