Cryptocurrency IOTA, its prospects and forecast for 2018


Features cryptocurrency IOTA

The most important factor that makes a special project IOTA is the Tangle technology, which is the basis of its work. The advantage of this technology is the speed of transaction confirmation, which is increased by increasing network members. In addition, the network of transfers within the IOTA is designed so that to send a new transaction, the participant must make a confirmation of 2 transactions made by other members of the network.

When creating IOTA, the developers have swung on the implementation of the project, which aims to develop a revolutionary idea – the Internet of Things (IoT). Yves is a new branch of human technology development, an idea that is to create a global network of devices, which have sensors, sensors and cameras. According to analysts’ forecasts, by 2022, the number of devices would increase 13 billion and will reach 29 bln. units.

Prospects of cryptocurrency IOTA

The development of the Internet of Things, or as it is also called Internet (IoT), are engaged in leading technology companies such as: Microsoft, Samsung, Google, IBM and others. With some of these companies, the project IOTA cooperates now, and with some are negotiating to implement the idea of the Internet of Things by common efforts.

The fact that IoT development is engaged in such companies suggests that this network will have demand among users, because it would be foolish to believe that the world’s giants will spend their resources on the realization of something “unreal” or “impossible”.

According to forecasts of all the same analysts, more than half of all devices, by 2022 will be connected to the Internet of Things, and accordingly within the given network will “walk” the payment means. According to the idea of the project IOTA, their coin miota, will become the main settlement tool for IoT. All these factors will positively affect the price growth of Miota.

Cryptocurrency IOTA Forecast 2018

Will 2018 be the defining for the Internet of Things and Miota? It’s a complicated question. Most likely, the main stage of development of these technologies will take place in 2019 and 2020, and it is then to expect a rapid increase in the cost of IOTA. However, in 2018, the course of IOTA will also grow, and if to consider the present value of IOTA – $1.6, this year we shall see at least 400% of growth of this cryptocurrency.

The maximum price of IOTA was shown on December 20, 2017, and was $5.37. In addition, most likely, in the coming months, we will see a return to this level.

Is it worth to invest in IOTA

In our opinion, cryptocurrency IOTA is one of the most attractive instruments for long-term investment. This project has every chance to take a leading position in the capitalization of digital projects in the world.

Mark $100 per coin, quite real, but for this we should see the development of the Internet of Things project.


If you are interested in this project, you can read in this article the instruction for its purchase, and instructions for using the wallet for it, is here. That’s all, thank you for staying with us.

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