Cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic (ETC), its prospects and forecast for 2018


A bit about Ethereum Classic

Cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic was formed on July 20, 2016 as a result of split of the second capitalization cryptocurrency and platform for development of decentralized applications of Ethereum. The reason for the split was the burglary of the famous TheDAO fund. After this event all the coin holder had to choose the option of further developments to return the stolen, and one of the options was the holding of softfork. But, the opinions are divided, and we saw the appearance of ETC. More about the history of the division, you can read here.

Perspectives of cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic

Friends, before we start to talk about the prospects of cryptocurrency ETC, we would like to know your opinion about this cryptocurrency. Write in the comments what do you think will happen with ETC in 2018. The main factor, which will be able to push the cost of classical ether, is last year’s hardfork, as a result of which, the maximum emission of coins ETC decreased by 20 million, to 210 million coins. Immediately after this event, the Ethereum Classic graph went up. This is the main aspect that will affect the cost of Ethereum Classic. A less important factor is the attractiveness ETC for mining.

Cryptocurrency ETC, forecast 2018

To estimate the growth ceiling for Ethereum Classic is necessary on the basis of its maximum price – $45.51, shown on January 14, 2018. This mark, the price tried to penetrate 3 times, but after all the effort, she still went deep down. However, it made this correction in order to overcome this level 4-time. According to our forecasts, after breaking through the level $45, we will see an increase of 40% (about such growth shows this cryptocurrency after the penetration of levels), i.e. this year, you should expect the price of 1 ETC in the area $63. After that, the correction in the range of 45-50 dollars is likely to follow.

Is it worth to invest in Ethereum Classic

Our opinion is that at the moment the coin ETC should be considered only as an investment opportunity to generate income. This is due to the fact that its functionality will no longer be in great demand among developers. The main reason for this is the appearance of a large number of competitors.

In the last couple of days, the course ETC has grown significantly, but there is still a chance to buy it at a low price. If you want to expand your investment portfolio with cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic, go here to buy.

That is all, friends. Do not forget to write your opinion about the prospects of cryptocurrency ETC in 2018, and you can write about your opinions about our forecast.

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