Cryptocurrency EOS, its prospects and forecast for 2018


Investing in cryptocurrency EOS

As early as in the middle of 2017, investments in cryptocurrency EOS were considered to be one of the most promising and profitable, but is it so in 2018? We are one of those who managed to buy cryptocurrency EOS on $3 apiece, and by this point, we have already sung to make 400% profit on each coin. We still believe that in 2018, the cost of cryptocurrency EOS will grow throughout the year 2018. To be sure of this, we just need to look at the EOS chart, but first let’s take the EOS perspective.

Prospects of cryptocurrency EOS

Cryptocurrency EOS is a new “operating system” for blockchain applications, which at the moment, works with the network of cryptocurrency Ethereum and performs testing of its mechanism. About the prospects of cryptocurrency EOS says its mechanism, which is able to handle a hundred thousand transactions per second, and given the current problems of the sphere of cryptocurrency in this aspect, this advantage is even more visible. At the moment, we can not estimate all the advantages of this project, as it is not yet started. Launch of the working version of EOS will happen in 2018, more precisely in the second half, and if the developers fulfill all their plans, we can see another competitor of cryptocurrency Ethereum. By the way, about the developers, Daniel Larimer, is an ideological mastermind and one of the creator of the EOS platform, the main goal of which is to create a universal platform for the deployment of decentralized applications.

Cryptocurrency EOS has several significant differences, which are undeniable advantages. The main differences between EOS and Ethereum are the DPoS method, the possibility of “repairing” poorly functioning applications and the existence of a constitutional base that will help to solve legal issues between the participants. There are still many differences between these two models, but we will not write about them.

Cryptocurrency EOS, forecast 2018

To make technical analysis of cryptocurrency EOS, it is necessary to look at its chart. So, on the EOS chart, we see the maximum point at the level of $18.16 after which there was a descent of almost 10 dollars, during the general correction of the market. From January 17, 2018, we observe a smooth but confident approximation to their highs, based on their specificity of the price movement of EOS in the past, we can assume that the price, for the moment, is gaining strength to set new highs. According to our forecasts, in February-March 2018, the cost of one coin EOS will test a new maximum, which would be in the range of 25-27 dollars. But, it is only taking into account the technical analysis of the structure of the EOS graphics, and in order to make a deeper picture, we will have to look at the fundamental factors. There will be 2 major fundamental factors for the cryptocurrency EOS in 2018. First, there will be a second stage of fundraising, during which we can see a very strong race value of the coin, followed by a deep correction. And the second factor will be the launch of the main EOS platform – this event we expect in the second half of the year. Given these two events, more precisely their importance, we can see a graph that will look like a cardiogram man right after a jog.

Where to buy cryptocurrency EOS

Immediately after the ICO, Daniel Larimer took care that his tokens were traded on the most popular and top stock exchanges, such as Binance. By the way, the cost of one token EOS at the time of writing, is $14. Store coins, you can directly on the Binance exchange or on the multicurrency wallet Exodus.


That’s all, friends. That’s our forecast cryptocurrency EOS for 2018. You can read the forecasts of other cryptocurrencies for 2018 in the rubric “Cryptocurrency Forecasts“.

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