Cryptocurrency Cardano, its prospekts and forecast for 2018

Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA)

Cryptocurrency ADA is one of the most discussed cryptocurrency recently, and as you already know, the value of digital money is growing directly in proportion to the growth of its popularity among traders and investors. Thanks to this, cryptocurrency Cardano managed to quickly break into the top 5 most capitalized blockchain projects, where it occupies an honorable 5th place with an index of 11.5 billion dollars. If you want to get a more detailed overview of this platform, go here or watch a YouTube video from a blogger named Raketa t8.

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Perspectives of cryptocurrency ADA

The Cardano platform has all the necessary features that must be present in blockchain projects of the next generation. However, expect that the popularity of Cardano will be supported not only by investment and by speculative mood, but also by deeds – it is not worth it. Now let’s explain why we think so. First, the Cardano platform is a new generation project in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, which on the one hand is its dignity and its drawback. An exceptional feature of Cardano, is the possibility of interaction between all blockchain projects, but in the current situation – this idea is not urgently needed. Therefore, we believe that the Cardano project will get more popularity in 2019 than in the current year. However, the rise in the value of ADA coins will also occur this year. The main factors for its growth will be a significant infusion of funds into the cryptocurrency market, and since Cardano is in the top 5 projects, it will be very attractive for the investment project.

Cardano forecast (ADA) in 2018

As we said above, cryptocurrency ADA has every chance to become one of the most sought-after in the market cryptocurrency, but it should come time. Now, the palm of the championship will still keep Ethereum, but eventually to its place will be target exactly Cardano.

According to our assumptions, this year, it will be possible to see the cost of Cardano slightly above its maximum values. The maximum price of Cardano was fixed on January 4, 2018, and it was $1.28 when the project was capitalized just above 30 billion. It is foolish to expect that the Cardano coin will cost 5 or more dollars by the end of 2018, because in this case it would overtake all other projects. The maximum that will be surrendered to ADA in 2018 is $2.1 and in this case, the capitalization of the project will reach a high 50 billion dollars. However, again, these are only assumptions, and if investors and speculators will consider Cardano as a tool for pumping, then we can see and unreasonable from technical point of view indicators.

A great value for cryptocurrency ADA will be to play 2019, which, according to the developers, they will be able to complete all their plans.

Is it worth investing in Cardano now?

Last month, we are witnessing the rapid fall of the cryptocurrency market, and practically every day we observe how the market draws all new levels of support and then punches them. But, within the next 2 weeks, the market of cryptocurrency will start a new trend – the growth trend, during which the value of most coins is increased several times. That is why there is no better time to invest in cryptocurrency than now. Every, 100 invested dollars will give you 100 dollars of profit already within a month. Given the fact that after its peak price Cardano showed a drop of 400%, it can be expected that this handicap it will work out very quickly.

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