What is Verge (XVG) coin?


What is Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that combines the popularity of cryptocurrency Dogecoin, functionality of Bitcoin and the anonymity of DASH. Immediately after the creation, Verge was called Dogecoindark, but was later renamed. To ensure complete anonymity, Verge developers have applied the most modern encryption methods, which hide even the sums of transfers, and transactions are confirmed within 5 seconds.

Technical features of Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency

Official site – vergecurrency.com;

Year of foundation – 2014;

Protection method – Proof of Work;

Algorithm – Scrypt, Grostl, Blake2s, x17, Lyra2rev2;

Trade name – XVG;

The maximum emission is 16 555 000 000 XVG.

Anonymity cryptocurrency Verge (XVG)

The anonymity of cryptocurrency Verge provides I2P or Invisible Internet Project. I2P introduces a system of tunnels that uses the IPV6 version, which anonymize all data on the network.

However, these are not all technologies that are applied in cryptocurrency Verge. For even greater anonymity, the new Wraith Protocol technology is used to encrypt sender and recipient addresses.

Prospects cryptocurrency Verge (XVG)

Based on the Roadmap presented on the site, it is not clear whether someone is doing this project, or he already lives his own life. Most of the tasks set for August, 2017, have not yet been fulfilled, which is a little alarming for us as investors. Nevertheless, looking at the situation with the “Blood Brothers” Verge, cryptocurrencies Monero and DASH, you see that it is not necessary to be active. After all, for a sharp leap of price enough to conclude a contract of cooperation between cryptocurrency and a known company or resource. As for sways the prospects of Verge, then everything can be.

Chart and Price Verge (XVG)

We present you Verge chart, which depicts the XVG rate to the dollar.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Verge (XVG)

On the official website Verge, in the Wallets section, you can find all available purses to store this cryptocurrency. And, there will be presented wallets, both for smartphones, and for personal computers with different software.


Having made a review of cryptocurrency Verge, we did not have a feeling that it is worth to invest our money in this crypt. That’s why we won’t advise you. On this all dear friends, if you are interested in cryptocurrency that provide anonymity, then pay attention to the cryptocurrency Groestlcoin, the review of which is here.


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