What is Komodo (KMD) in simple words?


    Cryptocurrency Komodo (KMD) is, without flattery, the safest cryptocurrency in the world, as it uses a mechanism of consensus delayed proof of work (DPOW), which is based on notarial nodes.

    A node or host is a device that is connected to other devices through a network. A node is a device that has its own “white” IP address that is capable of exchanging data.

    It is these nodes give the right to cryptocurrency Komodo, considered the safest and most resistant to hacker attacks. Also, this model of work gives the opportunity to create anonymous transactions protected by technology Zcash’s Zero Knowledge Proof.

    Developers of cryptocurrency Komodo are considered to be the developers of cryptocurrency, which we wrote earlier – Bitcoin Dark. Therefore, they are based on the same concept: anonymity and security, and in the future, all investors who are holders of Bitcoin dark coins, will be able to exchange them for cryptocurrency Komodo coins.

    Initially, the number of cryptocurrency Komodo coins was equal to 100 million, of which 10 million were reserved specifically for developers and promotional purposes, and 90 million coins were distributed among the ICO investors. But the total number of coins is 200 million, the second hundred, can be obtained by mining.

    Capitalization of cryptocurrency Komodo – $ 265 691 611

    Price once token – $2, 63

    Average daily turnover – $ 8 000 000

    Official site – komodoplatform.com

    Current information about the cost and capitalization of the market cryptocurrency, you can watch on the site coinmarketcap.com – this is a very useful resource for any crypto dependent person.

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