What is Cryptocurrency Walton (WTC)?



What is Walton (WTC)

Walton is a trustworthy business ecosystem with complete transparency and data exchange. For those who do not understand what the business ecosystem is, we will try to interpret.

Business ecosystem – a jointly developing community of actors, including competitors and partners, which creates something new in the process of interaction (cooperation).

The Walton project received its name in honor of Charles Walton’s brilliant man invented RFID technology, through which data is transmitted and exchanged in the Walton network.

RFID technology means a way to identify an object by means of radio signals that can read or write information located in the so-called RFID beacons. Now the most popular places, where this technology is used, are: contactless cards in control systems, QR code, payment systems, etc.

The main chain in the Walton network, on which the data exchange will occur, is called Waltonchain. More technical information about the work of Walton on the Internet is not available yet, so we have to wait for further promotion of the project Walton on the market. However, one thing is clear that the business will open new opportunities if it can identify its technological trend and correctly enter the digital world. This business opportunity is provided by the Walton project. Let’s highlight the main technical advantages of the Walton network:

– High safety;

– Possibility to trace the source;

– Combating plagiarism and counterfeiting;

– Reduction of labor costs.

The Walton project has a capitalization of $170 000 000 and its own digital token, the cost of which is at the moment equal to $6.68. The total number of tokens, which will be released equal to 100 million, and you can buy them at the exchange Binance, it is there is 95% of trades on this token. The Walton token has a trade name WTC and can be applied as a digital currency or a transfer value method. In addition, WTC serves as a unit of measure on the Internet of things.

The team of Walton collected very authoritative Chinese and Korean specialists, including a representative of big business, experts in the field of blockchain and the internet of things. You can find out more about the Walton team at their official website.

Prospects of the Walton project

Undoubtedly, this project carries in itself some revolutionary breath of air for all business community. The transition of business to the digital world can not be avoided, so sooner or later it will happen, and the project Walton will be exactly the platform that will serve as a “teleport”. We think that in the next half of the year, the cost of WTC will be equal to 3 dollars for one token.

Chart and Price Walton (WTC)

We present to your attention the Walton chart, which depicts the WTC rate to the dollar.


We have already bought a few dozen tokens of WTC and expect their growth, but in any case do not advise you to do it, because investing in such assets carries an increased risk. On this all dear friends, if you want to know what cryptocurrencies projects we are betting in 2018, then read this article. See you on the pages of our blog.

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