What is SALT (SALT) coin?



What is the SALT project?

The idea of creating a SALT project arose after many people on the background of a significant growth of the cryptocurrency market, began to sell them very quickly, seemingly, at that time, unrealistically high prices. However, a few months ago, they were sorry for their actions, seeing new peaks in prices for cryptocurrency. Among our acquaintances there were also people who were engaged in mining, and finally, extracted their coveted bitcoins, they sold it for 2000 dollars for one BTC, believing that they made a super profitable deal. And when they see the price of digital gold now, it’s very common to come across the blood flowing from his elbows, if you know what we speak about.

The salt project is roughly a platform for granting credits to the members of the Salt network on the pledge of cryptocurrency assets based on blockchain. If we summarize the essence of the SALT project, it provides traditional lending, non-traditional way, and combines creditors and credited.

How to register on the SALT platform

In order to get credit on the salt platform, you need to buy one of the three salt packages.  SALT_bitbetnews

Package Membership. The cost of 1 SALT/year. Using this package, you have the opportunity to receive a loan up to 10 000 $, which you can get in US dollars. Term of crediting from 3 months to 1 year.

The Premiere package. The price is 10 SALT/year. This package allows you to credit up to 100 000 $, which can be obtained in five currencies Term of crediting 1 hour to 36 months.

Enterprise package. Cost 100 SALT/year. The possibilities of this package are crediting more than 1 000 000 $ for deadline term.

In the SALT personal cabinet, the cost of one SALT is $25. Having made necessary for the chosen package of cost, you will be opened the service of crediting. You will need to enter the address of your SALT wallet to register on the SALT Platform, for this we used the address of the Exodus wallet.

How the SALT project developed

A team of 25 people, led by Erik Voorhees, Sean Owen and Josef Shaibl, runs the SALT project. 5 people from this team are its founders.

The project started its activity in 2016, but its first investment was only in 2017, which were received from the founders. After the creation of the software, it was time to conduct the ICO, on which the team’s plans were to collect 48.5 million dollars. On the ICO SALT, which took place on August 15, 2017, the project was noticed by several venture funds, which invested in it a lot of money.

The SALT Project Road map looks like this.


The last quarter of 2017, and the first quarter of 2018, promise to be a landmark in the history of the SALT platform. If the developers are able to implement the intended, the value of the SALT token can increase at times.

Partners of SALT

Among its partners, the SALT project has:

– Central Bank of Mauritius;

– Exodus wallet;

– Jaxx wallet;

– Bitcoin Marketing Team;

– Shape Shift.

In the list above, we have indicated only a part of strategic partners, but SALT has more information partners among which are: Forbes, Nasdaq, Bitcoin Magazine and others.

Chart and Price Salt

We present you Salt chart, which depicts the SALT rate to the dollar.


In conclusion, I would like to express the hope that the SALT project will be able to realize the goals, because if they do, they will be able to solve many problems for “failed investors”. This is all dear friends, thanks for reading. If you would like to receive detailed instructions on how to register and to receive the SALT credit, please, write about it in the comments, and we will analyze this process.


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