What is Faircoin (FAIR)?



About Faircoin cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Faircoin appeared in March 2014, as a result of the free distribution of coins to almost 50 000 addresses. Each address had the opportunity to get 1000 coins Faircoin per hour, but collecting tokens using automated programs was impossible, so the Faircoin coins got real people, not “robots”.

Technical features of cryptocurrency Faircoin (FAIR)

Official website – fair-coin.org;

Year of foundation – 2014;

Encryption algorithm – Groestl;

Protection method – PoW | PoS;

Trade name – FAIR.

Slightly above we wrote about one distinctive feature of cryptocurrency Faircoin, so it was time to voice it – Proof of Cooperation. PoC is a new protection method that has begun to be used in cryptocurrency Faircoin. Proof of Cooperation – a kind of protection, it is an opponent of mining, which according to the developers very much pollutes the environment and is very expensive. In the method of PoC protection, the possibility of mining is excluded and so-called validators carry out maintenance of the network. Validator Network Faircoin can be even the weakest computer, which for its work will receive a reward, which is enough to cover the cost of electricity and the Internet. The individual public key of the validator signs each new created block, and once the block confirmation occurs, it gets to the blockchain.


Now, cryptocurrency Faircoin has a solid capitalization, which allows her to occupy a place in the first hundred cryptocurrency. However, there is a very confusing factor and does not give us confidence that cryptocurrency Faircoin is worth keeping in his investment portfolio. This factor is expressed in the number of exchanges on which it is possible to trade this cryptocurrency. Now you can buy Faircoin coins at the exchange CoinExchange. Our opinion is that as soon as even one large exchange will add the opportunity to trade Faircoin, its price can grove up in times.


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