What is Decred (DCR) cryptocurrency?


What is cryptocurrency Decred

Cryptocurrency Decred is an altcoin that was created as part of the Bitcoin development team, uniting the best features of Bitcoin and corrected the most important “digital gold” errors, such as block scalability and others. Cryptocurrency Decred combines the algorithms of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work, which belongs the network Decred balance, but such a mix of algorithms is not new in the crypto projects market.

Technical features of cryptocurrency Decred

Official site – www.decred.org

Year of foundation – 2016

Work Algorithm – blake256

Protection Method – PoW | PoS

Trade name – DCR

Maximum emission – 21 000 000 DCR

The advantage of cryptocurrency Decred

In order to name the advantages of any cryptocurrency or cryptographic project, it is necessary to specify with which project or currency, we make a comparison. In this article, we will compare Decred with Bitcoin.

The main advantage of Decred before Bitcoin is decentralization. Yes, you did not think, it is decentralization, because every day cryptocurrency Bitcoin is less decentralized, and lends itself to more control by a certain team miners.

The second advantage is the availability of mining. We will not talk much about mining, but we shall touch on this topic in brief. Mining cryptocurrency Decred is available using conventional video cards, which makes it more affordable than Bitcoin mining, which is only relevant with the help of special equipment.

Using the Proof of Stake method gives the Decred network a third advantage. With the PoS algorithm, the Decred community should accept all the innovations proposed by developers to improve the network. This allows you to make only the improvements that are really needed by users and DCR holders.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Decred

Now, cryptocurrency Decred can be bought at the exchanges Poloniex, Cryptopia and Bittrex, as well as through the official purse Decred, which can be opened through the official website of the project, downloading the installation file of the wallet Decred to your computer. Trades cryptocurrency Decred on the above exchanges are paired with Bitcoin, and the daily turnover of trades is more than 1 million dollars.

Chart and Price Decred (DCR)

We present to your attention the Decred chart, which depicts the DCR rate to the dollar.


At the end of the review, cryptocurrency Decred would like to add that this project is fully funded from the pocket of its developers, and not with the help of all the usual way ICO. How to evaluate this fact, we do not know yet, but the fact that the developers of Decred bind themselves to the development of the head of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, makes a very good marketing push for its development.

Looking at the roadmap of cryptocurrency Decred, we can say that developers have time to fulfill their plans, although there are some delays. As for the prospects of cryptocurrency Decred, according to the same road map, in late 2017 and early 2018 the developers implement their plans to life, which will allow cryptocurrency to increase its value.

If all the plans planned by the creators become a reality, by the middle of 2018, we can see the cost of one coin Decred in the area of 50 dollars. On this all dear friends.

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