What is Bee token (BEE) cryptocurrency?



What is cryptocurrency Bee Token

Cryptocurrency Bee Token is a digital token of the Beenest platform, which is designed specifically for short-term rental properties. The activities of this project are aimed at eliminating intermediaries in the relationship between the lessee and the landlord. By choosing Beenest, both sides of the process benefit from working with the platform, by paying lower commissions.

All calculations within the network will be carried out in the form of tokens Bee Token.

Features of the Beenest platform

The peculiarity of this platform is that it is aimed at loyal attitude to clients in case of cancellation of the accommodation reservation. For you to understand the model of the platform, we will try to describe it. Let’s say you want to go to another city for a few days. In order to stay comfortably in this city, you need to find a place to spend the night. You enter the application Beenest, choose the appropriate number or apartment, and send the pledge in the form of tokens. These tokens are sewn into a smart contract, and are in it, before the date of arrival. If for some reason, one of the parties fails to fulfill the terms of the smart contract, the system pays the penalty to the “injured” party. Both the lessee and the landlord can receive the punishment.

On the platform will work its own reputation system, on the basis of which, each participant of the network will receive a brief information from the history of orders of his client.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Bee Token

As of April 20, 2018, the Beenest platform team has already launched a test version of its platform, which will gradually integrate new features. The roadmap indicates that starting in 2019, the platform will be added rental objects from the world’s most popular cities.

Based on this information, we can assume that in 2019, the active phase of token value growth will begin.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Bee Token

About 2 weeks ago, the tokens of Bee token were added to the IDEX decentralized exchange listing. By the way, at the time of the addition, the token cost equated 6 cents apiece. Before the release of Bee Token on IDEX, they could be bought at the exchange EtherDELTA.


Friends investing in Bee Token are a good opportunity to earn money in the long run, but it seems to us now, the best time to buy them at a bargain price.

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