What is cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT) in simple words?




What is cryptocurrency BAT

Cryptocurrency BAT is a token developed based on the Ethereum platform in 2017. The full name of the token is the Basic Attention token, it is intended to purchase the service on the new advertising platform Brave, and to reward the creators of content inside the site.

How does the Brave browser work

You, for sure, many times tried to download to your computer application blocking advertising in the browser, because recently it is very much, and it is so annoying that it is simply impossible to bear it. Browser Brave offers its users to block pop-up and annoying ads, but for this you need to pay cryptocurrency BAT. But you ask, what’s the joke? However, true, there is no stake, it’s just an opportunity to use the Internet quite quietly. For advertisers, this browser offers to buy advertising planes to popularize their product.

Cryptocurrency BAT team

Not every time, describing projects, we pay attention to the creators and masterminds of the project, but today is the day, and this is the project in which it is worth noting the developers. The creator of the browser Brave and cryptocurrency BAT, is Brendan Eich – known IT community as the creator of the Java Script language, and one of the creators of the Internet browser Mozilla. Brendan Eich is sure that his project will be successful, because the sector of digital advertising is now very inaccurate. This is due to the fact that advertisers have not exactly accurate information about the target audience, where they advertise, because it often happens that to promote the site, it is sent to “bots”, which knocks the description of the average user.

The situation in the sphere of Internet advertising

This sphere is now oversaturated by fraudulent organizations, torrent trackers and malicious programs, which flooding resources by advertising direct proof of this. However, the scope of digital advertising is very promising, but because of the use of blockers advertising, the type of AdBlock inflict damage to this area in the amount of 7.2 billion dollars. According to approximate estimates, the program AdBlock is installed on 600 million devices, and this very much distorts the information about the number of users to which the advertising comes.

Prospects of cryptocurrency BAT

Most analysts believe that this cryptocurrency has good prospects, but for this Internet users should start using the browser Brave as an alternative to the usual browsers. News about partnership with Uphold and reward bloggers for watching their videos, should raise the popularity of the project, and accordingly raise the price of the BAT tokens.

Chart and Price Basic Attention token (BAT)

We present to your attention the Basic Attention token chart, which depicts the BAT rate to Tether.


Now, the capitalization of cryptocurrency BAT is 160 million dollars, and the price of one BAT token is 16 cents, but this is far from the highest token value. We have a feeling that by the end of 2017, cryptocurrency BAT will be able to reach its highs, which are in the area of 0.3 dollar per token. You can buy cryptocurrency BAT on the stock exchange Binance and Bittrex, and store BAT can be on the wallet Exodus. That’s end, our dear. And by the way, if you follow blockchain projects that are engaged in advertising, take a look at the project SocialMedia Market, they are still holding the ICO, so hurry to buy their tokens.


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