What is Augur (REP) cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Augur

Cryptocurrency Augur (REP) is not entirely cryptocurrency. Augur is a decentralized platform based on Ether blockchain, with the help of which any participant of the network can make predictions on the outcome of any event in the world. In the future, the Augur platform can make noise in the world of online gambling, in particular among bookmakers, among which there are many offices with unfair thoughts, what to say about online casinos.

The idea of the platform is to bet on events within the Augur network, where the margin is at times less than the bookmaker, and network control is impossible due to decentralization. It is also worth noting the fact that inside the platform will walk its own cryptocurrency, which has a ticker REP, and the use of fiat currencies excluded. This arrangement of cases excludes the possibility of influence of the state or other entities that want to cover up this activity.

Cryptocurrency REP. How to use? Where to buy.

For the operation of the Augur network, the developers have created a cryptocurrency REP, which is a token character, which is often called the reputation token in the network. The total number of REP tokens is 11 000 000 million, 80% of which were sold to investors via ICO for more than $5 million. The remaining 20% went to the developer’s reward and fund predictions.

REP tokens are slightly different from the usual token representation in cryptography, because their value is backed up by money. At the moment, the REP tokens can be bought at the most famous sites Poloniex, Bittrex and Kraken, reviews of which can be read by clicking on the name. The storage of the REP tokens is also possible on purses supporting tokens of Ethereum – for example, Exodus.

Prospects cryptocurrency Augur

The project Augur is really perspective, because the world of betting is very huge and valued at 4-5 trillion dollars, so if objects behind a lot of advertising bookmakers will be able to see the benefits of this platform, it will be a collapse for offices.

Capper is a person who is well versed in sports predictions, while betting on the outcome of events, but in parallel can give advice to other players.

The development of the project Augur helps the fact that it is built on Ethereum blockchain, which already has a number of projects engaged success. And of course the independence of Augur from external factors in the legal field, gives it the opportunity for quiet development and attraction of adherents.

Chart and Price Augur (REP)

We present to your attention the Augur chart, which depicts the REP rate to the dollar.


At the end of the article, it is necessary to say about the capitalization of Augur, which as of November 20, 2017 equals 220 million dollars, and the value of the token fluctuates around the mark of 20 dollars. There are 11 000 000 tokens in common usage, and no further release is foreseen, which increases the possibility of price growth over time. Most analysts believe that investing in cryptocurrency Augur is risky, but without it in the field of cryptocurrency – the way to nowhere. To be honest, we will not invest in Augur tokens for the purpose of earning, because we consider them very expensive.


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