What is ATM Chain coin?


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What is ATM Chain (ATM) coin

ATM Chain (ATM) is a decentralized platform based on blockchain, which provides an opportunity for anonymous and secure trading of advertising. The ATM Chain platform started its work on August 8, 2017, and during such a short period of life, the ATM Chain team has already provided its advertising network of 7000 smart monitors and media screens. The ATM Chain team focused on the Asian market – mainly China. According to the analytical agencies, the Chinese advertising market is 80 billion dollars, but its potential reaches – 120 billion in the next year or two.

Technical features of ATM Chain (ATM)

Official website – www.atmchain.io;

Year of foundation – 2017;

Trade name – ATM;

Capitalization of the project –  $75 000 000;

Maximum number of coins – 10 000 000 000 ATM;

The value of the token is $0.025887.

Features of the ATM Chain platform (ATM)

The ATM Chain platform is an intelligent ecosystem that provides interaction between advertising viewers and advertisers. To advertise, the ATM Chain project provides advertisers with 7000 resources (advertisement places) for advertising, including movie sites, social networks, and other thematic sites. When buying advertising through the ATM Chain platform, the customer receives a low price and high-quality advertising, and the owners of the ATM Chain offers an additional opportunity for earning, if they will place the advertising content on the resource. Due to the blockchain technology, which is implemented in the ATM Chain, the possibility of fraud is completely excluded, and the effectiveness of advertising will be much more than the current situation in the advertising business sector.

ATM Chain  (ATM) project team 

The project team of ATM Chain, as expected, includes representatives of China, because the project imprisoned under the Asian advertising market. It makes no sense to enumerate the names of the ATM Chain team, because you can hardly be familiar among them. What exactly can be noted in the work of the ATM Chain team is the ability to negotiate and enter into a partnership. Now, ATM Chain partners are: HITBTC exchange, IT company Swisscom, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Rfintech Company, which specializes in introduction of financial instruments on the basis of new technologies.

In addition to these partnerships, the ATM Chain platform cooperates with the DECENT platform. The ATM Chain platform uses the DECENT protocol as the base protocol for its project. ATM and DCT tokens will go inside the ATM Chain, and other cryptocurrencies can be connected over time.


Now the ATM Chain token is traded on several popular exchanges among traders, such as Livecoin and HITBTC. For such a short period of life, the ATM token showed itself from an ambiguous side. Already 10 days after the start of the project, the value of the token for the day increased by 800%, but it also quickly sank. Another ten days later, the situation was repeated. Such sharp fluctuations in the value of the token and the capitalization of the project suggest that it is simply a pamp project and serves only as a tool for fundraising. However, we can’t say that.


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