What is Ardor (ARDR) cryptocurrency?


What is cryptocurrency Ardor

The Ardor (ARDR) project is a project developed by the creators of the NXT project and is considered to be the next stage, which is why you can see the similarity between the two projects. Ardor is an ecosystem based on Blockchain offers convenient network scaling options and has a convenient setting for business.

Ardor  platform capabilities

As we have already said, the Ardor ecosystem solves two problems, and accordingly gives new opportunities for the network.

Scaling solutions. Any blockchain, has a tendency to growth, and in this connection its work slows down. To solve this problem, the developers of Ardor made two chains: the parent-Ardor, and the child-Ignis. Chain Ardor is responsible for network security and does not have a large functionality, and Ignis has all the necessary functionality to build the necessary capabilities of the network.

Set up for business. Ardor is an ecosystem that wants to be easy to understand and reliable for business development. To do this, Ardor uses “Blockchain as a Service”, which is ready to install and run. Ardor wants to be something similar to a business like becoming a WordPress developer for sites. Using Ardor, any company or enterprise, will be able to create their coins, for the translations of which they will receive their commission, and for their work to choose only the necessary functions.

Technical features of cryptocurrency Ardor

Official site – www.ardorplatform.org;

Year of foundation – 2016;

Protection method – Proof of Stake;

Trade name – Ardr;

The maximum emission is 1 000 000 000 ardr;

Development of the Ardor project

The Ardor project is a multi-structural and very complex project that will take time to implement. That is why Ardor developers have broken their activities into stages, which came out 4:

1-st stage. Creation of both chains of the network (Ardor and Ignis);

2-nd stage. Release of the test version of Ardor;

3-rd stage. Testing of Ardor functionality;

4-th stage. The final stage, which allows to correct errors and introduce the lack of functionality in the network Ardor.

You can read more about the promotion and plans of the Ardor platform on their official website in the “Timeline” tab or by clicking on the link (www. ardorplatform. org/Ardor-Timeline).

Prospects cryptocurrency Ardor

Ardor is not the only ecosystem for business in the market of blockchain projects, on our site we have already been doing reviews of several similar projects this is Aragon and Walton. But despite the strong competition of blockchain ecosystems for business, Ardor really has every chance to “bite off” a part of the market. The last 50 days of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, will be determining for the project, if it can shoot, the business would pay attention to it, if the breakthrough does not happen, then most likely Ardor leave the face of cryptoworld.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Ardor

As of mid-November 2017, 85% of trades cryptocurrency Ardor (ARDR) occurs on the exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex, only these two resources, we can recommend you to buy tokens Ardor. 

Chart and Price Ardor (ARDR) 

We present to your attention the Ardor chart, which depicts the ARDR rate to the dollar.


This is the review cryptocurrency Ardor, do not know how you, but we will allocate 50 dollars to buy a few hundred tokens ardr. On this investment note, we will finish our review. If you liked the article, make it a repost on social networks. Waiting for new meetings.

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