What is Aragon (ANT) coin?



What is Aragon cryptocurrency

Aragon is an open-source operating system that allows organizations from the real business sector to implement blockchain technology, with some centralization. This operating system is possible to work with Microsoft, Linux and MacOS and operates with the Ethereum platform, using the ERC-20 tokens, which are the center of the entire network. Token holders within the system through voting can influence the company’s policy of work and direction, as well as update smart contracts if necessary.

Aragon is created as a platform with the idea of the most simple and comprehensible implementation, for its implementation you do not need to own specialized knowledge. With the help of Aragon, companies can use the opportunities of payroll, accounting and transactions. In addition to obtaining the above mentioned benefits, for companies the use of the Aragon project will be an opportunity to optimize labor resources. Unnecessary intermediaries and contractors will not be needed, and this in turn saves the budget.

How was the ICO Aragon (ANT)

The company Aragon planned its ICO on May 17, 2017, and the duration of the ICO was calculated for 30 days, but everything was not as planned. Everything was much better. ICO Aragon lasted 15 minutes, for which all the tokens available for crowdsale were sold out. In 15 minutes, it was attracted 25 million dollars at the rate of Ethereum at that time.

Cryptocurrency Aragon course analysis

The Aragon project has its own cryptocurrency, more precisely tokens, which have an ANT stock ticker. At the moment, cryptocurrency Aragon has a capitalization of 50 million dollars, and the cost of one token is equal to $1.43. Currently, there are 33 million tokens in the net Aragon, with a maximum amount of 39 million. The daily trading volume is 350 thousand dollars. ANT tokens are traded on the Bittrex and Liqui exchanges.

Now on the chart cryptocurrency Aragon is dominated by a downward trend, which lasts from August 2017, after showing its maximum price of $3.1.

Aragon (ANT) project developers

  The project Aragon gathered a very worthy team of developers, which consists of leaders and real professionals. The leader of the Aragon project is Luis Kuende, who received the award for the best programmer in 2011, and was in his time an advisor to one of the vice presidents of the European Union. Jorge Izquierdo, who is the creator of several Apple software, is responsible for the technical part of the Aragon.

Chart and Price Aragon (ANT)

We present you Aragon chart, which depicts the ANT rate to the dollar.


Aragon is one of the projects that can cardinally change the structure of doing business. Given the current position of the price Aragon then now is the time to purchase this cryptocurrency, in the future to expect its growth to its maximum. On this positive note, we will finish our article on cryptocurrency Aragon, if you are looking for interesting projects for investment, then pay attention to the project Walton and its cryptocurrency WTC, the review of which is on the link.


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