What is AdEx (ADX) coin?

AdEx is an advertising exchange developed at Blokchain Ethereum. The purpose of the AdEx platform is to replace traditional internet advertising models such as YandexDirekt and Google Adsens. One of the main advantages of the AdEx platform will be the use of smart contracts. A smart contract is a piece of software made on Blokchain Ethereum, which contains all the terms, conditions and regulations for the agreement of the terms of the transaction (contract). It automatically verifies the contract and then complies with the terms. In the case of AdEx, these smart contracts will ensure the absence of intermediaries, which ensures full transparency of the entire system, starting from the selection of ads ending with payment. All these functions will be defined within these smart contracts, which simplifies and guarantees the complete process. But that’s not all, the AdEx development team is working on prototypes that will include second-level solutions. These solutions will allow advertisers and customers to easily interact with each other, avoiding transaction delays.

A little over a month ago, the playground AdEx announced about cooperation with cryptocurrency NEO, which by the way is called the Chinese Ether. And the developers of AdEx, planning to move their platform to blockchain NEO, this will improve the platform, namely blockchain NEO gives:

  • Support for several types of digital assets;
  • Conduct decentralized trade;
  • Obtain digital certificates to ensure trust in public blockchain and provide legal protection for all assets digitized through the NEO platform;
  • Support several programming languages, including C#, Javascript, Java, Python, Go and others;
  • Ensure inter-chain compatibility.

At this point, it is planned that inside the project will be walking cryptocurrency AdEx (ADX) – as the main currency, but also possible option, to go and other currencies, such as IOTA and NEO, which you can read about by clicking on the name cryptocurrency. Not for nothing, these projects are so closely connected. By the way, after the release of the news of cooperation AdEx and NEO, the cost of cryptocurrency AdEx rose from 34 cents to 1.69 dollar, the growth was 390%, which is for cryptocurrency AdEx very very good. But the growth of cryptocurrency NEO was also significant, the price changed by $10, from 39.52 dollars to 49.22 dollars.

Since the AdEx platform is designed for a wide range of uses in the advertising technology industry, the process of its integration will be simple. Vel AdEx can be used on websites, mobile and computer applications, and even on embedded devices.

Chart and Price AdEx (ADX)

We present you AdEx chart, which depicts the ADX rate to the dollar.

Release and future plans for the ADEX platform

The first prototype of the AdEx advertising platform was slated for release in February 2018, but developers can handle a few months earlier. This prototype will include the main functionality, the system of pricing for advertising, platform interface for both customers and advertisers. The prototype, first of all, will focus on native and media advertising.

To ensure transparency, prior to launch, the prototype will undergo a rigorous audit by an independent company, and its code will be fully open to anyone interested.

Next year, after the successful release of its prototype, the AdEx team will focus on business development, and the project will be modified according to market needs and public feedback. It is also planned to add to the platform video advertising, in confirmation of our words, the platform AdEx began collaboration with the platform to watch the video Stremio.

By January 2019, AdEx developers are planning to release the AdEx v.2 platform, which will focus on meeting the needs of a growing number of customers and advertisers using the platform.

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