What is Vertcoin (VTC)?



What is Vertcoin (VTC) cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Vertcoin (VTC) is another altcoin created after the fork of Bitcoin in 2014. And if you read our article about cryptocurrency Groetlcoin, you may have déjà vu, because Groetlcoin and Vertcoin are very similar. The main idea of cryptocurrency Vertcoin was the fight against industrial mining, and mining on the equipment ASIC.

Cryptocurrency Vertcoin is a decentralized open source currency that adheres to all the basic principles of cryptocurrency.

Technical characteristics of Vertcoin (VTC)

Official website – vertcoin.org;

Year of foundation – 2014;

Number of coins – 84 million;

Trade name – VTC;

Encryption algorithm – Scrypt-N | Lyra2re;

Protection Method – Proof of Work;

Benefits of cryptocurrency Vertcoin (VTC)

Based on the data presented on the site vertcoin.org, you can highlight the following advantages cryptocurrency Vertcoin:

– Decentralization – through which there is really honest mining;

– Available Mining – Vertcoin can be used with a conventional PC;

– Wallet-developers Vertcoin created their wallet for storage VTC, which is supported by operating systems Windows, MacOS, and Linux, also has a web wallet;

– An active team of developers – this is the advantage we will analyze a little lower;

– Support of SegWit;

– Lighting Network;

– Atomic cross-chain – atomic chain, it is an opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency Vertcoin on Litecoin or Bitcoin without the participation of the exchange, i.e. using only his purse.

The news about the cooperation between cryptocurrency Vertcoin and cryptocurrency Litecoin in the application of Atomic cross-chain has caused high volatility of the price of VTC. However, the question arises, why during other similar collaborations, such volatility on the chart vertcoin not? Creeps the impression that the last volatility is nothing like the usual pump. Nevertheless, we will not approve.

Development team Cryptocurrency Vertcoin (VTC)

The team of developers Vertcoin can be called International, it has representatives of Europe, Asia and America. There are no known personalities in it, but it consists entirely of professionals. The first in the list is a man named James, who is the leading developer of Vertcoin. James has been programming since he was 10 years old, so he was able to gain experience. The second in the list on the site, is a man with a luxurious beard and nickname Zemrys. Zemrys is a specialist in .net and C# jk_14 programming language – this is a person who has developed a Vertcoin wallet for Android. About other developers cryptocurrency Vertcoin can read on the official site.

Chart and Price Vertcoin (VTC)

We present you Vertcoin chart, which depicts the VTC rate to the dollar.


Having considered the road map of cryptocurrency Vertcoin, there are no special innovations and planned events they do not have, it shows that the project is not expected to change its ability to bring it to a new level. The only thing Vertcoin can attract attention to is this kind of pampa that occurred at the end of October.

The Bitbetnews blog does not consider cryptocurrency Vertcoin as part of its investment portfolio. Nevertheless, if you are a short-term trader, you can follow her and participate in trading on it. At the moment cryptocurrency Vertcoin has a capitalization of 153 million dollars, which allows occupying 34 place in the ranking of Coinmarketcap and is trading on the two most popular exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex. This is all dear friends. Thank you for your attention.


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