What is Ruff (RUFF) Сryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Ruff

Cryptocurrency Ruff is a digital token of the platform that has recently funded and moved to the development stage. Most likely, you have not heard anything about this project, as Ruff tokens are traded on the stock exchanges very recently.

The main idea of Ruff developers is to create an ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT), which in its work will combine the technologies of blockchain and Edge Computing. The Ruff project itself will act as a peer-to-peer network using a consensus mechanism.

Features of cryptocurrency Ruff

The IoT device will contain:

– Luminous knot (Executor);

– Full knot (Recorder);

– Representative node (Judge);

– Control unit (SPV Wallet).

Another feature of cryptocurrency Ruff is its partners, with whom the developers have concluded contracts. Among these companies is the NEO project, from which investors expect at least x10 in 2018.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Ruff

Our opinion is that the time has not yet come for IoT technology (the Internet of Things) to be introduced into our lives. At least another 2 years, i.e. until 2020, this will not happen. The main problem that developers of devices will have to solve for IoT is security. Do not forget that for the smooth operation of this technology it is necessary to create a common language, which will communicate the device. For this it is necessary to unite all the players, which are now about 300.

If you invest in cryptocurrency, you just want to touch something great, and do not expect the investment of fast exhaust, you can safely buy tokens Ruff.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Ruff

Ruff tokens are traded on the exchanges Huobi and CoinEgg. To understand how much this project is in the bud, open the Coinmarketcap resource and look at the capitalization of the project and the total number of tokens that are in common usage.

Chart and Price Ruff (RUFF)

We present to your attention the Ruff chart, which depicts the RUFF rate to the dollar.


Friends, more information about cryptocurrency Ruff you can find on the official site – ruffchain.com, well, we will say – goodbye. Before new meetings, and do not forget to put asterisks at the beginning of the article.


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