What is Zencash (ZEN) coin?



What is ZenСash (ZEN) cryptocurrency

Zencash is a project that appeared as a result of fork cryptocurrency under the name ZCash, but originally it had the name ZClassic, which after rebranding changed to the current ZenCash. ZenСash is a platform based on blockchain that provides complete anonymity within a network, where you can communicate with other network members in both communication and commercial activities. All of this was made available by the zero-disclosure evidence used in cryptography.

Technical features of Zencash (ZEN)

Official site – zensystem.io;

Year of foundation – 2017;

Trade name – ZEN;

Number of coins – 21 000 000;

Encryption algorithm – Equihash;

Protection method: Proof of Work.

Features of Zencash (ZEN)

Nothing to hide, the fact that Zencash is not the only cryptocurrency providing complete anonymity, in this aspect they will have to share users with such cryptocurrencies as DASH, Monero, ZCash, Bytecoin. However, ZenCash has a few of its distinctive features.

Zencash is not just an anonymous cryptocurrency; it is something akin to an anonymous social network with its cryptocurrency, although this comparison is not entirely correct. Network ZenCash has 3 tools that allow you to send messages to network members, publish documents and make transactions, while even on different continents. These tools have titles: Zen Talk, Zen Pub, Zen Hide.

The approach to the creation of such tools makes ZenCash a truly special project with its cryptocurrency guaranteeing complete safety.

ZenCash (ZEN) Team

The ZenCash team has no big names in its composition, but it did not prevent them from creating a distributed block platform that uses a zero-proof protocol and provides anonymity to the network. The Zencash team includes:

Rob Viglion – economist;

Rolf Velsluis – business operations;

Jane Lippencott – specialist in promotion in Asia;

Carlo Vicari is a business development specialist.

ZenCash team also includes the Crypto Media Hub, which is responsible for creating and moving the Zencash brand to the masses.


The project Zencash and its cryptocurrency ZEN have very good prospects for countries where human rights are violated. Politicians of oppositionists, activists and other people, whose opinion does not coincide with the opinion of the authorities, can be included among such people. Despite the prospect of cryptocurrency ZenCash need to understand that the project is at the initial stage of development, so to promote and fully integrate into the cryptocurrency environment need time.

The moment when ZenCash stronger and will be able to compete with other anonymous cryptocurrencies, will be the moment of creation of own purses which will work on operating systems windows, Linux and Mac. ZenCash wallet will be compatible with such cryptocurrencies as ZCash and ZClassic, because they have the same code base. ZEN is traded on such exchanges as BinanceBittrexCryptopiaThis currency is traded on such exchanges as


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