What is Zcoin (XZC) Cryptocurrency?


What is Zcoin cryptocurrency (ZCX)

Zcoin cryptocurrency (ZCX) is a decentralized digital currency based on the bitcoin blockchain, but correcting its main flaws. Everyone believes that the use of bitcoins is very difficult to track, but this is not the case because all bitcoin transactions are tracked and ultimately can lead to the first bitcoin sender. The technology built into the Zcoin blockchain (ZCX) allows users to make choices regarding transaction openness and anonymity. With an open transfer of funds, Zcoin coins (ZCX) go to the recipient like a Bitcoin network, and when anonymously sent, this algorithm changes. When the Zcoin sender (ZCX) makes a transfer anonymously, the coins are first destroyed and then new ones are created in the recipient’s wallet.This approach avoids the process of tracking transactions.

Technical features of Zcoin cryptocurrency (ZCX)

Official site – Zcoin.io

Year of foundation – 2016

Protection Method – Proof of Work

Algorithm – Lyra2RE

Maximum emission – 21,000,000 ZCX

Differences Zcoin (ZCX) from competitors

Very often, users confuse the Zcoin (ZCX) and Zcash cryptocurrencies, but these are different cryptocurrencies, and we will now analyze their distinctive features. To learn more about Zcash cryptocurrency, read this article. Here are the main differences:

– The secrecy of the transaction amount. When performing transactions on the Zcash network, the transaction amount remains the same, that is, hidden. There is no such function in the Zcoin network, so the transaction volume is public information.

– Execution of the transaction. The transaction rate on the Zcoin network (ZCX) is ten times higher than the transactions on the Zcash network, 10 seconds versus 10 minutes. However, anonymous Zcoin transactions (ZCX) are tens of times larger than the volume of Zcash transactions. This difference may adversely affect the speed of Zcoin transactions (ZCX) in the future.

Another difference between these two cryptocurrencies lies in their algorithm of operation, but in this part we will not go deep.

Where to buy Zcoin cryptocurrency (ZCX)

Zcoin cryptocurrency (ZCX) is now represented on the Binance , Bittrex , Cryptopia and other exchanges  , which are traded against bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Zcoin developers created a Zcoin Official Wallet wallet for storing ZCX coins, but this cryptocurrency has Coinomi wallet support. To find out more information about the storage and purchase of Zcoin cryptocurrency (ZCX) go to the official Zcoin website and go to the Get Zcoin section.

Prospects for Zcoin Cryptocurrency (ZCX)

Support among users and other projects in Zcoin cryptocurrency (ZCX) is excellent, so it has good prospects for the future. Yes, what to hide, we paid attention to this cryptocurrency, after its rapid growth from November 12 to today, during this time the course has tripled. For all this, the Zcoin team is developing a mixed algorithm for the Ethereum cryptocurrency, and this is a serious development that promises a great future cryptocurrency Zcoin (ZCX).

Chart and Price Zcoin (ZCX)

Present you for We Zcoin chart, the which depicts the ZCX rate The to the dollar.


Having written this review, we did not have the impression that this cryptocurrency with a set of functions it possesses now can make a rustle in the world of cryptocurrencies. Yes, they will be able to attract the right amount of adherents, but they are unlikely to become a truly popular and sought-after crypt. However, new developments and collaboration can give impetus to this. That’s all, to new meetings.


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