What is Veritaseum (VERI) Cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Veritaseum (VERI)

Veritaseum is a decentralized stand-alone platform that works on the basis of smart contracts. The idea of creating this site Veritaseum came to the head of American Reggie Middleton, who has already shown himself more than once in projects related to risk management. Reggie began work on the prototype site Veritaseum back in 2013, but launched it only in mid-2017. Collection of funds for software development Veritaseum was conducted using ICO, which we will describe below.

ICO Project Veritaseum (VERI)

Fundraising for Veritaseum went through the ICO, with the help of which developers wanted to sell only 2% of the generated tokens. The remaining 98% were maintained for the participation of institutional investors. But ICO Veritaseum was not without problems, because a few days after the start of fundraising, there was a theft of tokens VERI, it is this designation have tokens Veritaseum, in the amount of 36 000 pieces, that the exchange rate at that time was equal to 8 million dollars. Stolen tokens VERI, have been converted into Ether coins and cashed. Such is a sad event happened with Veritaseum.

Prospects cryptocurrency Veritaseum (VERI)

Before we talk about the prospects, we will try in other words to explain to you what is Veritaseum. Veritaseum is a platform based on blockchain, which serves as an investment fund, the movement of funds in which occurs without the influence of third parties, and through smart contracts.

The project’s focus on the capital market gives it the potential to grow. VERI tokens can be used exclusively in the Veritaseum network to purchase platform services. There are two ways to get VERI tokens: buy them on stock exchanges or invest in a project.

Most experts and analysts consider the project Veritaseum very promising, and predict that it will enter the top ten in popularity among a huge number of cryptocurrencies. However, the project needs strong support from institutional investors, which can be major exchanges and projects.


Now, the capitalization of the Veritaseum platform is 214 million dollars, which gives it the opportunity to stay on the 32 place in the rating on capitalization of projects. But this is not the maximum figure, because a month after the start of the project, its capitalization was 2 times more, and reached almost half a billion. Based on their information, we see that cryptocurrency Veritaseum has a strong potential for growth, and if you decide to invest in it, then it should be a long-term investment. You can buy cryptocurrency Veritaseum on the exchanges HitBTC, Mercatox; for this be ready to give their bitcoins and ethers. That is our output review, we declare closed, thanks for staying with us.


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