What is Cryptocurrency Tenx (PAY) in Simple Words?



What is Tenx?

The Tenx project is a Singaporean payment company that wants to make use of cryptocurrency, as easy and affordable as the use of fiat currencies. For this purpose, they use plastic cards, which have approved payment systems VISA and Master card, and mobile wallets.


At the end of June Tenx spent its ICO on which they collected 245 thousand ETH, and released just over 100 thousand tokens, and about the same batch of tokens, they will release gradually. The value of the PAY token (Tenx) depends solely on the volume of the transaction. This means that with the development of the Tenx network and the increase in the number of users within it, the value of the PAY token will increase.

Advantages of Tenx over competitors

Nowadays, the map Tenx supports 3 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and DASH, and has a number of advantages over its main competitors XAPO and Wirex. When using the Tenx card, you pay one of the lowest commissions, besides you have the right to store on the card directly cryptocurrency, not its equivalent in dollars. On the maps XAPO and Wirex you store exclusively fiat. It is possible to use, i.e. to pay by card Tenx in any shop accepting cards VISA/Master card.

How to order a Tenx card

You can order a Tenx card in two ways: through the official website www.tenx.tech or through a wallet that you can download on the same site. Tenx offers users two types of maps: virtual and physical. The virtual card cost is 1.5 dollars. The cost of the physical card is 15 dollars. As for the further commission for the use of cards, it will be 10 dollars a year with the total amount of transactions on the card a year less than 1000 dollars. If this amount is greater, the commissions will be absent.

Prospects of the Tenx project

Given the fact that the project Tenx has a really strong team, with mentor Vitaliy Buterin, this project is simply doomed to success. As a confirmation of these words, the company Digix Global announced the beginning of cooperation with Tenx, and this is another plus in the moneybox of the project under consideration. To buy Tenx it is possible on Huobi, Bittrex, Cryptopia.

Chart and Price Tenx (PAY)

We present to your attention the Tenx chart, which depicts the PAY rate to the dollar.


Despite all the sticks that insert different governments into the sphere of cryptocurrencies, they, i.e. cryptocurrencies will enter our lives much faster than it seems. The Tenx project is one of those that makes this breakthrough more probable and fast. Just imagine, soon you will be able to spend cryptocurrency in any store, and all this will be thanks to the project Tenx, whose tokens, we have included in the list of the most promising for investment instruments for 2018.


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