What is Taas (TAAS) Cryptocurrency?



What is cryptocurrency Taas

Cryptocurrency Taas is a token of the cryptocurrency investment fund, which was created to reduce the risks of investing in the blockchain system. This project will help to understand the specifics of investing in cryptocurrency for ordinary users. This way will make the cryptocurrency market more comprehensible and accessible to everyone. Blockchain Taas is based on blockchain of Ethereum, which automatically implies the use of smart contracts.

Let’s try to explain how the Taas investment fund works to make it clearer. To raise funds, the Taas team conducted the ICO, during which it was able to sell about 8 million tokens for $1 apiece, as of December 18, the value of one token is equal to $5.25. ¾ of this amount went to form an investment portfolio consisting of cryptocurrencies, and ¼ went to the operating costs and replenishment of the reserve fund. All Taas token holders are automatically “co-founders”, which means they claim a percentage of the company’s income. Of all 100% of the received profit, 50% are paid to the depositors (according to their share), 25% go to reinvestment, i.e. increase the amount of the investment portfolio, and the remaining 25% go to the reserve fund, which is stored in bitcoins. This is the essence of the project.

Taas project team

Taas project development team includes 10 people, including specialists in blockchain technology, smart contract developers, traders, analysts and marketers. Each of the participants is a professional of his own, having success in his field. The president of the platform Taas, is Ruslan Gavrilyuk, and the Vice-President is Konstantin Pisarenko. More information about the Taas team can be found on the official website of www.taas.fund.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Taas

Tokens Taas, traded on the exchanges Liqui, Livecoin и HitBTC, that is where you can buy them. In order to become an investor of the Taas project, you need to register on their website www.taas.fund, the registration procedure is very simple and takes 1 minute. After registration, according to the standard, you will be sent a letter confirming the address. And at the entrance to the personal cabinet, you will be asked to enter your phone number, it is necessary, in order to activate 2-step authentication. After buying a token Taas on the stock exchange, you will need to bring it into your personal account Taas.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Taas

It is very common for us to estimate prospects of the project, but now it is not the case. After all Taas, really solves some problems in the current investment sphere in cryptocurrency. Now anyone who has ever heard of cryptocurrency will be able to invest in them and are not afraid that it is going to burn. In other words, the Taas team tries to create a platform similar to Bloomberg, but it will be called Kepler. Kepler platform will be engaged in research of news on the market cryptocurrency, and will provide qualitative analysis of the whole sphere. The advantages of this platform include the fact that they have already paid the first dividends to their depositors.

Chart and Price Taas (TAAS)

We present to your attention Taas chart, which depicts the TAAS rate to Bitcoin.


The Taas project is the first blockchain project to implement this technology on the blockchain platform. Let’s be honest, we will use the services of this platform, because they will do a lot of work for us with you. In addition, as soon as we have free money, we will buy ourselves tokens Taas. However, it is not necessary to expect sharp growth of this cryptocurrency, in fact the cost of Taas will grow after payment of dividends.


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