What is Storj (STORJ) Cryptocurrency?


What is cryptocurrency Storj

The Storj project is a cryptocurrency and platform for cloud-based data storage in one person with a decentralized work algorithm. The information inside the Storj network is located on computers connected to a network located all over the world. All information is encrypted, and deciphering is only possible by the owner.

The project Storj started its activity in mid-2014, having spent the ICO, with the help of which attracted about 500 thousand dollars, which at that time was considered a solid sum. Initially, the Storj network used Storjcoin X tokens, which later changed to the newer Storj tokens (STORJ). Old tokens Storjcoin X (SJCX) will be converted to new ones, more precisely converted to new ones, as the exchange process is over.

Prospects of the Storj project

And again, the perspective section. Frankly, we do not mind if they have a project Storj and its eponymous cryptocurrency, because such projects are already quite a lot, one of them we  read here. In April 2018, the network will improve, which can significantly move the price up, but will the expected reality? We don’t know.

Chart and Price Storj

We present to your attention the Storj chart, which depicts the Storj rate to the dollar.


More information about the Storj project you can find on the official website storj.io. The essence of the project is the creation of a single decentralized network for cloud storage, where participants can and store their data and provide space on their work computer for the storage of data of other participants, for which to receive money. The capitalization of the project is almost 70 million dollars, at a cost of 65 cents for one token, and circulating 100 million tokens Storj. The maximum number of Storj tokens is 425 million. To buy Steem it is possible on BinanceHuobi, Upbit. This is our short review of cryptocurrency Storj, if you would like to get a mechanism to rent your equipment, write about it in the comments, and we will show how to do it. Have a nice day, dear reader.


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