What is Cryptocurrency Steem (STEEM) in Simple Words?


About Steem project

Steem is a social network, it is a platform based on blockchain technology, in which each participant can receive a reward. Rewards can be obtained for content creation. It can be posts, articles, videos and other materials that you publish in the social network Steem, and for each of your actions you will receive a reward.

To start earning money in the social network Steem you need to register your account on the official site that has the address steemit.com. However, there is one minus that does not allow the network Steem to gain popularity in the Russian-speaking Internet, the whole community, which hanging in Steem exclusively English, and users do not value the publication of articles in Russian.

Besides the Steem token, the social network has two more tools that Steem Power and Steem backed dollars. To buy Steem it is possible on BittrexPoloniex,  HitBTC.

Steem Power is a so-called indicator of the user’s importance in the Steem network. The more Steem Power you have, the more you vote for the person you are voting for (the post you respect).

Steem development team

Ned Scott and Daniel Larimer created the company Steem in 2016. The latter is directly related to the company Bitshares, which occupies 42 place on capitalization, among all blockchain projects.

Bitbetnews team opinion about Steem

In fact, the very idea of the project Steem very interesting, but what we see in fact, most of the content is unnecessary to anyone, and roughly speaking, trash. The main advantage of this network is its original structure.

Chart and Price Steem (Steem)

We present to your attention the Steem chart, which depicts the Steem rate to the dollar.


As for the prospects of this project, we honestly do not know whether they have this project. For the Russian-language Internet was created a similar version of the social network Steem and you probably heard about it, it’s a network called GOLOS, and soon we will write its review.


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