What is Smartcash (SMART) coin?



What is Smartcash cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Smartcash is a relatively new cryptocurrency that was created in the summer of 2017 as a result of fork cryptocurrency Zcoin. If you are a little interested in cryptocurrencies, then you have noticed the tendency that cryptocurrency, whose name begins at “Z” is absolutely anonymous cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, who received the fork of these cryptocurrency, are also anonymous, but have their own unique features. Cryptocurrency Smartcash is not an exception in this aspect.

Features of Smartcash coin

Cryptocurrency Smartcash has several distinctive features only. It may be, of course, that such features exist in other cryptocurrencies, but we have not met such peculiarities. If you know such projects, write in the comments.

SMART Rewards

Smart Rewards means “intelligent rewards”. This is the so-called reward to the custodians of cryptocurrency Smartcash, which is accrued every 25 numbers, if the coins lay on your wallet for at least 30 days.

SMART hives

Smart hives means “intelligent hives”. This function allows all holders of the coin to vote for the proposed options for the continuation of the project life. For example, cryptocurrency Smartcash administrators wanted to make an innovation in their project and told their community about it. The community cryptocurrency Smartcash by voting decides whether to be this innovation or not.


Smart privacy, means “intelligent privacy”, although this feature developers called regeneration of coins. And here are the guys really, very interesting thoughtful protection from your control, now we will explain to you how it works. Imagine, you received a translation from some person, the transaction data, as it is supposed, signed up in blockchain, and if you decide to send these coins to another person, the chain will last. To avoid this, after receiving coins to your purse, you can “burn” them and order new coins. Yes, it will have to pay a small commission, but this approach provides complete anonymity of the transaction.

Mining Smartcash

Mining of cryptocurrency Smartcash differs from mining of the Bitcoin. Miners receives only 5% of the extracted cryptocurrency, the remaining 95% are distributed as follows: 15% go for smart rewards, and 80% go to smart hives.

Interest-free pools for mining

This is one of the best news for miners, because completely free, miners of cryptocurrency Smartcash can connect to European and American pools and help extract new coins Smartcash, receiving 5% of the extracted amount of cryptocurrency.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Smartcash

At the time of writing the review cryptocurrency Smartcash occupies 86 place in the rating by capitalization, with an index of $59 000 000, and a value of $0.068683 per coin. Wallets supporting this coin, we could not find, but the coins Smartcash traded on the following exchanges: Cryptopia, HitBTC, CoinExchange and others. Cryptocurrency Smartcash has a trade designation SMART, and is traded only in relation to cryptocurrency, but there is an opportunity to trade to a surrogate of the dollar USDT on the exchange HitBTC.

Why it is worth to buy cryptocurrency Smartcash

The first reason to buy Smartcash is its exclusivity in the market cryptocurrency, because there are some features of Smartcash, which are not analogues yet. Secondly, cryptocurrency Smartcash has a low price, which is an additional incentive to buy it. In addition, the third reason, it is quite high capitalization of the project for such a short period, because not yet passed and half of the year, and the project is in 100 most capitalized cryptocurrency.

Chart and Price Smartcash (SMART)

We present you Smartcash chart, which depicts the SMART rate to bitcoin.


Friends, in this review we often mentioned the names of the exchanges on which the Smartcash coins are traded, if you are interested in finding out the top cryptocurrency of the exchanges according to the bitbetnews blog, click here. And we will finish this article, thank you for attention.


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