What is Cryptocurrency Siacoin (SC) in Simple Words?




The idea to create a network Sia

We all have a lot of different files that we want to keep on cloud storage, it can be family photos, working documents, system files, etc. At this point, a single computer, which has recently been exposed to various hacker attacks, manages all data hosted on the cloud and as a result, we see “discharging” confidential information to third parties for a fee. In addition, this is a direct violation of your privacy rights. These precedents have motivated the creation of Siacoin.

What is Sia

Sia is a P2P decentralized network formed from many servers located all over the world. By removing a centralized computer that works with cloud files now, the price is falling, increase the speed of data transfer and increase security. Your encrypted files are distributed between servers in such a way that the information is stored partially on each.

Sia is a decentralized distribution network built on smart contracts. The information that is encrypted on Sia needs access using a key that has only the owner of the information. In this way, Sia completely changes the approach to cloud storage, completely returning control over your information. You can find more information about the cloud storage on the official website of Sia.

Technical features of cryptocurrency Siacoin

Official website siacoin – www.sia.tech;

Year of foundation – 2015;

Protection method – PoW | PoC;

Algorithm – blake2b;

Trade name – SC;

Cryptocurrency Siacoin and its prospects

Sia wants to become the largest repository for various kinds of information. With Sia you can watch movies, listen to music and view photos. Today, Sia is developing an application that will perform the same functions as the torrent. Roughly speaking, Sia sights is on the market segment where dominated DropBox and Microsoft One Drive, and the turnover of this segment is measured in billions. The capitalization of the Sia project is growing steadily every day, although at the moment there is a certain correction, which may be a good option for purchasing SC coins. The value of the Siacoin coin will grow, along with the increase in the number of files In the Sia network.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Siacoin

Cryptocurrency Siacoin is mainly traded on 3 exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex and HitBTC. You can trade cryptocurrency Siacoin or just put it on one of the accounts of the exchange at these sites. If you do not know how to make money on the Exchange Poloniex, you can use as a gasket exchange EXMO, on which to start fiats, convert them into a cue and then translate to Poloniex.

Chart and Price Siacoin (SC)

We present to your attention the Siacoin chart, which depicts the SC rate to the dollar.


Given the prospects of the project Siacoin and the capabilities of the team, this project will definitely attract a lot of attention in the near future. And attention, in turn, will increase the demand for resource opportunities, then increase the capitalization of Sia and increase the cost of Siacoin (SC). On this all dear friends, if you are interested in this project, and you see in it a perspective just like us, then buying yourself SC coins now, even for 10 dollars, you will get the opportunity to earn money next year.


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