What is Qtum (QTUM) Cryptocurrency?



Developers of Qtum project

The vast majority of the development team is Chinese, although representatives of Europe are present. In addition, Qtum Blockchain Foundation was registered in Singapore in November 2016, so all recent news from China did not have much influence on Qtum. Based on the data presented on the site Qtum, they are not a commercial organization, and direct their activities solely for the refinement and improvement of the project. The organizational structure of this “Foundation” looks smart. At the top of the structure is the judicial committee, which passes the furrows of the board to the executive director, which is subordinated to 4 departments: executive, technical, financial and marketing department. The Qtum team consists of 17 developers, headed by Patrick Dai, a graduate of Draper University and the Chinese Academy of Science. Concerning Patrick we can say that he is good as a specialist, but was seen in the scandal associated with the project Bitbay, namely one of the co-founders of the project accused Patrick of having taken a part of the money and “piled” from the project. Around this was a lot of hype, some say that Patrick was in this project, others say he was not. If you are interested in how it all happened, you can search for this information on the Internet.

What is cryptocurrency Qtum

The Qtum project tries to solve two problems: technical and economic. Let’s be honest, in order to understand what technical problem developers want to solve, you need to have a serious knowledge and understanding of the blockchain technology, so not to clog your head, we will move to the economic problem. Though it is rather not a problem, and the goal-to introduce technology blockchain in such spheres as finances, social networks, gaming, the Internet of things and others. That’s why Qtum created a flexible and easy-to-use system. The main advantages of blockchain Qtum, is the use of the contract master, which will use “off-chain” and “on-chain” contracts. Now let’s try to explain the differences between them. Here, for example, blockchain Ether, to launch uses the information already on its blockchain, and it is a little limited, because the real world it is much wider and more diverse than just information in the chain. After all in business there is a lot of information which can change data, already after start of process, i.e. this information, it is necessary to receive online. For example: You have ordered a batch of goods from China. The manufacturer has collected your order, brought it to the port and sent it to you. Once the carrier has received the goods at the port, you can pay for it. However, for this purpose in blockchain, it should be this information. Blockchain Qtum helps to solve this problem with the help of “on-chain”. Now do you understand how useful this function is?

The algorithm of Proof of Stake – mining Qtum, will depend on the number of coins on the wallet. The more coins you make, the more you will earn. However, with this, your purse should be turned on.

Where to buy cryptocurrency QTUM

You can buy cryptocurrency Qtum can be on the exchanges HuobiBinance and many others. It should be noted that the most common currency, which is traded Qtum is South Korean won, the volume of trades is 70% of the total daily volume, ah yes Qtum has a market abbreviation qtum. If you are interested in this project, you can safely buy yourself a Qtum. Nevertheless, you probably have a question where to store coins Qtum – they can be stored on any wallet of Ethereum, which supports ERC20 token.

Forecast of cryptocurrency Qtum

Based on its idea, the project Qtum is very interesting, because it can solve many issues related to the automation of business processes of any enterprise, while it will be possible to hide from the client, information of private access. Why do we say “will be given”, because now only available version Testnet i.e. test version of the network. Mainnet – the main blockchain Qtum not yet started. The developers promised to launch in September 2017, but as we can see at the moment, the schedule is not invested. This can slightly reduce the price, which will be a great signal to buy, the more the price of Qtum is very attractive for investment. Our forecast Qtum will be able to reach the mark of 25-30 dollars in 2 months after launching his blockchain.

Chart and Price Qtum

We present you Qtum chart, which depicts the QTUM rate to the dollar.


In the end, I would like to say that before preparing to write this review, we did not understand what the project is, and what benefits it can bring to humanity. Now, we decided, that we need to allocate at least 100 dollars, which buy a dozen Qtum. The more information we study about cryptocurrency, the more we understand that blockchain technology can change the world beyond recognition. Read the information about another project called Komodo and understand how cryptocurrency sphere is rich in exclusive projects.


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