What is PivX (PIVX) Cryptocurrency?



What is cryptocurrency PivX

PivX or privacy Instant Verified transaction is a decentralized cryptocurrency, open source, based on the principle of anonymity of users. Cryptocurrency PivX is fork of cryptocurrency dash, which uses only the best aspects of the work of DASH and Bitcoin. The work of cryptocurrency PivX is currently based on the Proof of Stake protocol, but the first half of the year the Proof of Work protocol was used.

Technical features of cryptocurrency PIVX

Official site – pivx.org

Year of foundation – 2016

Protection method – Proof of Stake

Algorithm – Quark

Trade name – PivX

Coins in circulation – 55 000 000 PivX

Mining cryptocurrency PivX

Since the work of cryptocurrency PivX is based on the method of Proof of Stake the extraction of coins PivX is impossible with the help of the usual type of mining. Additional PivX coins can be obtained by having your own PivX on your wallet, for which the commission will be accrued. Thanks to PoS 3.0, the reward for the block is distributed as follows, 90% of percent go to commission graph (wallets), and the remaining 10% go to maintenance of developers. The Commission between nodes distributes the Seesaw system.

Features of cryptocurrency PivX

As we wrote, cryptocurrency PivX combined only the best features of cryptocurrency, from which it occurred. The main difference from Dash is that the dash network has the right to vote only master nodes, which refutes the basic principle of decentralization. All participants can vote in the PivX network.

Where to buy cryptocurrency PivX

Now, cryptocurrency PivX is trading on the main cryptocurrency exchanges, there are Binance, Cryptopia , Livecoin and others. Among the wallets supporting cryptocurrency PivX can be noted multi-currency Android wallet – Coinomi.

Prospects cryptocurrency PivX

If you look at the chart in the past, you can see that cryptocurrency PivX showed significant growth in the short period that was associated with the event of the transition from the PoW protocol to PoS. At that moment, cryptocurrency PivX for a while entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization, ahead even Ethereum Classic. However, it was a long time ago, even before the use and investment in cryptocurrency became mainstream. Now the cost of cryptocurrency PivX is in the area of its maxima, but if you look at the chart, you can see that after similar candle models, there was a sharp growth of cryptocurrency, so we can assume that by the New Year, the cost of PivX Can grow to 5.5 dollars for a coin PivX.

Chart and Price PivX

We present you PivX chart, which depicts the PIVX rate to the dollar.


Having made a review of cryptocurrency PivX, we realized that this is interesting and promising both for the use of cryptocurrency, but to be honest, we did not have an irrepressible desire to invest in it, as for example after writing an article about waves. However, to have 10-20 coins PivX on his purse is a commitment. On this all dear friends.


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