What is Omisego (OMG) coin?


What is Omisego (OMG) cryptocurrency

At this point, Omisego is a token based on blockchain Ethereum, but by the end of 2017, namely in 4th quarter, they will move on to their own blockchain – which is a positive aspect of the project. At the same time, the main adviser of the Omisego project is Vitaly Buterin – the main person of the cryptocurrency Ether. The Omisego project offers its users a range of services that are able to spare all participants from the use of banks. Inside the project, there is your wallet Omisego, which supports a number of cryptocurrency and fiat money. Let’s take a look at what this project is useful for. Imagine that you need to send money from Germany to Russia, and the one who you send money to Russia, wants to get them already in rubles. To do this, you have to understand the euro for rubles, and then send them to the recipient. This process is delayed in time, besides, you get additional commissions on conversion. Project Omisego, with the help of its wallet, avoid these conversions, and do not lose on the commission. How does it happen? You have bitcoins in your wallet, and the recipient wants to get to your Etherum wallet, for this you just enter the field, the right amount of Ethereum, and send them. I.e. the sender sent what was, and the recipient got what he wanted. This is the subject. In the beginning, the project will support such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and may several others, but in the long run they want to capture the maximum amount of digital money, and of course fiats. All this will happen inside the project, it means that the user will not need to make money for the exchange or exchange, to get the necessary currency, and then to wind up in the project. No. Everything happens inside the systems – i.e. it is a decentralized exchanger, that does not depend on anyone. This makes the sphere of cryptocurrency much safer, because you avoid the participation of 3rd player – the exchange. That often “fall” from hacker attacks, and things like that. Roughly speaking, the Omisego project is all that can be squeezed out of the blockchain system for the financial sector.

Blockchain cryptocurrency Omisego (OMG)

Today, as we have already written, the platform Omisego works on blokchain of Ether, but soon they will launch their blockchain, which would work on the model of Proof of Stake, i.e. mining omisego will be different from Bitcoin mining. To receive coins Omisego, you will need to have a certain amount of coins Omisego in your wallet, and keep the computer turned on, but a special power for this will not be necessary. The principle is simple, the more coins you have on your wallet, the more cryptocurrency you will receive.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Omisego (OMG)

The largest volumes of cryptocurrency Omisego are traded on two cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and BittrexBitfinex, the volume of trades on these exchanges makes about 80% from the daily trades on the given cryptocurrency. So, if you wanted to invest in cryptocurrency Omisego, then go to revamp official sites, and buy yourself these promising coins.

Chart and Price Omisego (OMG)

We present you Omisego chart, which depicts the OMG rate to the dollar.

Interesting News Omisego (OMG)

  • Most recently Omise bought one of the largest players in the market of remittances of Thailand paysbuy, which is the further expanded customer base.
  • McDonald’s announced that they’ll cooperate with Omisego and will accept payments through the revamp platform, which is a minimum of 240 reception points.
  • The ICO project Omisego ended without having to start. The goal of the developers was to collect about 19 million dollars, which they collected on the pre ICO, i.e. small investors weren’t not able to participate.

That’s all, our dear friend, if you became interested in the review of this cryptocurrency, then read more about one interesting project, which is able to make a rustle in the advertising business-this project AdEx.


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