What is MobileGo (MGO) Cryptocurrency?



What is MobileGo

The MobileGo project is a platform based on Blokchain smart contracts of Ethereum designed to implement mobile applications. The main idea of creating a platform MobileGo to oust from the market similar applications for Android and IOS, their names we mentioned earlier. These applications are monopolies on the territory of the CIS and Europe; they occupy 98% of the market, which is estimated by the developers MobileGo in 53 billion, and by 2020 the market size can reach 80 billion dollars. For example, in China, many similar resources divide the market among themselves.

The revenue of Play Market and App Store resources in 2016 was $35 billion, which is a tidbit for their competitors.

Advantages of the MobileGo platform

To win a part of the market, the MobileGo platform should make a better offer for application developers, who in the current situation should pay the Play Market and App Store 30% of the revenue associated with the sale of their applications. Application MobileGo will charge with developers more modest fee – 10%, and such a step has already allowed this market mobile applications to attract more than 400 applications to the platform.

However, these are not all the benefits of the MobileGo platform. To get their reward, developers have to wait about 60 days, which is a very long time, because what happens to money at this time is unknown. On the platform that we observable, developers promise to pay for the sale of applications within 60 hours, which is a significant advantage.

Plans for the future of MobileGo developers

In addition, the developers of MobileGo want to squeeze a part of the audience among developers and users of mobile applications that are hostages of the lack of analogues. In order to raise the popularity of their resource, MobileGo developers want to create a decentralized platform for online tournaments in the games, which is scheduled for launch in late 2017. According to the road map MobileGo, the developed platform will be held games and tournaments already in the beginning of 2018.

Chart and Price MobileGo (MGO)

We present you MobileGo chart, which depicts the MGO rate to the dollar.


To attract investment, the MobileGo project used the ICO, which was held from April 25, 2017 to May 24, 2017, where 70 million MGO tokens were sold, and 30 million tokens were left for the team. Buy tokens MGO, during the ICO, you could buy for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Gamecredits – which is called cryptocurrency for gamers, about it today will be our second article.

If the MobileGo team is able to implement all the planned plans, and marketers can choose the right strategy for advertising, the MobileGo tokens (MGO) can grow very strongly.  You can buy MobileGo tokens on the exchanges of Liqui, Cryptopia, Livecoin и HitBTC.

On this all dear friends, our next article will go into ligaments with this, and is dedicated to it will be cryptocurrency GameCredits, and read you can get it here.


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