What is Global Jobcoin (GJC) Cryptocurrency?



What is cryptocurrency Global Jobcoin

Cryptocurrency Global Jobcoin is a digital token for the payment of employment-related services, in its work it uses blockchain of Ethereum and, accordingly, the ERC20 protocol. As we have understood, Global Jobcoin is a platform for finding employees where employers and specialists will contact each other. The Global Jobcoin token will be used as a means of payment at venues in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Poland.

How the does Global Jobcoin platform work

Any company in the countries we have mentioned above may hire freelancers who pay in tokens of Global Jobcoin with a ticker GJC. Smart contracts will control the integrity of their relationship. Thus, employers will save money on currency conversion, in case the specialist will be a citizen of another country.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Global Jobcoin

Today, the value of Global Jobcoin tokens has risen, as we said, by 6500%. It is likely that a deep correction will follow. However, our opinion is that the concept offered by Global Jobcoin is very promising and interesting. We believe that this project has every chance to occupy its niche.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Global Jobcoin

You can buy cryptocurrency Global Jobcoin on the Token Store and IDEX, , now the cost of one token is $35, but as long as we publish the article, it can be both higher and lower. The capitalization of the project is equal to 500 million dollars, which allows occupying the place of the first 50 blockchain projects.


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