What is GameCredits (Game) cryptocurrency?


What is cryptocurrency GameCredits (GAME)

Cryptocurrency GameCredits (GAME) is a cryptocurrency based on the blokchain of Bitcoin, so it is the same as Bitcoin, mined by mining. Cryptocurrency GameCredits (game) is considered to be the first cryptocurrency created for the World Internet games. With the help of coins GAME, namely, this trading ticker has GameCredits, gamers can buy various products in online games, and users can pay this cryptocurrency for the purchase of applications on the platform MobileGo, which is analogous to the App Store and Play Market.

Technical features of cryptocurrency GameCredits (GAME)

Official Site – gamecredits.com

Year of foundation – 2015

Protection Method – Proof of Work

Algorithm – Scrypt

Maximum emission – 84 000 000 GAME

Cryptocurrency GameCredits with its structure reminds Bitcoin, because besides the similar method of mining cryptocurrency, it has a similar history of Bitcoin development. Cryptocurrency GameCredits as well as Bitcoin began its development without raising funds through the ICO, which slowed the process of integration into the crypto community. In both currencies, in the first years of life, the bidding took place in relation to the fiats.

Prospects cryptocurrency GameCredits

The main splash of attention to the cryptocurrency GameCredits occurred during the ICO for the MobileGo platform. This spike was due to the fact that, first, the tokens MobileGo could be bought for 3 types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum and GameCredits, second, the purchase of applications and any other settlement on this platform, also occurs in GameCredits. Given the prospects of the mobile application market, which you can read about in the article about MobileGo, and the love of gamers to all new and digital, cryptocurrency GameCredits “draw” very bright prospects. The increase in the value of MobileGo tokens and GameCredits coins will be parallel, so keep an eye on both assets.

Where to buy cryptocurrency GameCredits (GAME)

Cryptocurrency GameCredits (GAME) is currently a very popular tool, so you can buy it on such exchanges as: BitPayPoloniex, Livecoin, Cryptopia.

Chart and Price GameCredits (GAME)

We present you GameCredits chart, which depicts the GAME rate to the dollar.


We will not long slobber the theme of this cryptocurrency, because here and so everything is clear that cryptocurrency GameCredits (game) – is intended as a payment tool for the world of online games. Having made this review, we decided that we definitely need to have the GAME coins in their assets. This is all our favorite readers, Good weekend.


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