What is Civic (CVC) cryptocurrency?



About Civic Project

The Civic project is a blockchain-based digital platform that provides identification of the person. The information about the user will be collected from the information specified in the financial institutions and state authorities. After confirmation of the received information, the data about the user will be made in blockchain Civic, due to which the confirmation of the identity of any person will take place.

The process of confirming and identifying the identity will be similar to Facebook Connect. Remember, when you want to register for a new resource, it offers you to use the information in your Facebook account. In this variant there is one big minus, the new platform gets access to the data, which is not obligatory (photos, hobbies, hobbies, etc.). The Civic project before transferring the data will ask you what information you want to transfer. Data security inside Civic will be provided by the Civic Identity Protection Network.

The Civic project won the “The best startup” award in 2017.

Carrying ICO Civic

Its product, the company Civic has prepared before the ICO, this moment has caused the confidence of the users, and it helped ICO Civic to become successful and short-term. Project Civic assumes the release of 1 000 000 000 tokens, which will be divided as follows:

33% of tokens will be sold to ICO;

33% of tokens will be left to developers;

33% of tokens were left as an incentive for network participation;

1% of tokens costs for ICO.

The time of the ICO Civic was calculated for a month, but was not started. At presale Civic was able to attract 33 million dollars, realizing 33 million tokens worth $0.1 each. The Civic token has a CVC ticker, which is created on the basis of the ERC-20 protocol. CVC tokens are traded on the most popular exchanges Binance, Bittrex and Huobi.

Perspectives of cryptocurrency Civic

According to the editorial office of the blog, bitbetnews project Civic is a very necessary project that has good prospects. In proof of these prospects, serves the news of the conclusion of the partnership Civic and Intel. Even if Intel has recognized the relevance of this product. 

Chart and Price Civic (CVC)

We present to your attention the Civic chart, which depicts the CVC rate to the dollar.


Now the capitalization of the project Civic is 130 million USD, and the cost of one token is equal to $0.37, data as of October 31, 2017. We will be frank in front of you, while writing a blog we exchanged 1.87 LTC for 267 CVC tokens. For this we used the purse Exodus, the review is here.


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