What is BridgeCoin (BCO) cryptocurrency?




Cryptocurrency BridgeCoin is a digital token of one of the few decentralized sites for cryptocurrencies trading CryptoBridge. Each user will be able to pay commissions for transactions on the CryptoBridge exchange with the help of BridgeCoin tokens.

The official site of the project is located at the address – bridgecoin.org.

Features of the CryptoBridge platform

The peculiarity of the CryptoBridge is its decentralization, which is achieved thanks to the blockchain technology underlying the project. Creating BridgeCoin, the developers have conceived the creation of an ecosystem for trade cryptocurrencies, where everyone can make trading operations without the participation of 3 persons in the face of exchange owners.

The technical capabilities of CryptoBridge allow processing up to 100 thousand transactions per second. On average for processing one transaction, the stock exchange will need 3 seconds of time. Most of the analysts who have been involved in CryptoBridge research will highlight several key points in its work:

  • scalability;
  • security;
  • reliability;
  • protection against fraudulent operations.

Prospects of cryptocurrency BridgeCoin

Against the background of the outflow of traders from the centralized sites, the stock exchange CryptoBridge has a good chance to pick up a part of the community of traders. Based on this, the BridgeCoin token will have a good potential for growth. Despite the fact that recently the value of BridgeCoin tokens decreases, we believe that this project will develop; we will see the price at $10 per piece in the next year.

Following the release of new opportunities on the stock exchange, which are scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2018, the cost of BridgeCoin will increase.

Where to buy cryptocurrency BridgeCoin (BCO)

The capitalization of the BridgeCoin project reaches 12 million dollars, which gives it the opportunity to bargain on the leading centralized exchanges such as Binance.


Friends, remember how we all watched the growth of the value of Binance Coin tokens? There is a feeling that a similar situation may occur with cryptocurrency BridgeCoin. But we will not impose you our vision in any way.

That is all, before new meetings, and remember that investing in cryptocurrency is a risk, but it is so tempting.


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