What is BOScoin (BOS) cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency BOScoin (BOS)

Cryptocurrency BOScoin is a completely unique cryptocurrency that is a part of an equally unique ecosystem calling itself a “self-developing platform for trust contracts.” Due to its concept, the project BOScoin attracts attention from the crypto community, which will undoubtedly help in its promotion.

Features cryptocurrency BOScoin

The BOScoin project is based on the Owlchain technology, which is considered to be an improved version of Blockchain, as it can be used to track absolutely all the details of an asset, product or organism. In addition, BOScoin built a fundamentally new consensus algorithm –modified Federated Byzantine Agreement. The use of such technologies, with their successful combination, will either make a splash in the market blockchain projects, or will fail. We’ll need time to find out.

Prospects of cryptocurrency BOScoin

It is hard to talk about the prospects of cryptocurrency BOScoin in the context of 1 or 2 years, as the society has not yet fully accepted Bitcoin and Ethereum. Most likely, the project BOScoin for more development, it is necessary to wait more appropriate time, after which, at a successful combination of technologies, they will make a breakthrough. But, now, it’s not the time for BOScoin .

Now, the team of BOScoin has thrown all forces on the development of the main network, after which it will be possible to launch the internal exchange. Therefore, considering the cost of coins, then their acquisition in the amount of 10-20 pieces, you do not ruin, but in the future can be nice to please.

Where to buy cryptocurrency BOScoin

A little less than 2 weeks ago, cryptocurrency BOScoin started to haggle at the Kucoin exchange. The maximum value of this coin reached $7. Capitalization of the project exceeds 50 million dollars, but in such (downward) market, it is likely to fall below this mark.

Chart and Price BOScoin (BOS)

We present to your attention BOScoin chart, which depicts the BOS rate to Bitcoin.


Friends, we have forgotten yet to tell you that cryptocurrency BOScoin has Korean roots. This means that after the Asian market removes some of the restrictions imposed on the cryptocurrency, there may be a race.

That’s it, before the new meetings.


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