What is Bluzelle (BLZ) cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Bluzelle

Cryptocurrency Bluzelle (BLZ) is a digital token (ERC20) of a platform for storing and managing data in an ecosystem. At its core, Bluzelle uses Roy’s technology. This means that the network consists of groups of computers that interact to manage and store data. These sites are independent players and can join or leave the network on their own.

In addition to BLZ tokens on the Bluzelle platform, BNT tokens are still involved. The BNT token creates an additional chain for the main Ethereum network and provides more rescuer performance.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Bluzelle

So far, there have been many decentralized applications on the market, and no company has yet provided a solution to the problem of storing decentralized databases. Although the need for an appropriate product is long overdue.

Experts estimate that by 2020, more than 20 billion devices will be connected to the Internet and that they will require a huge amount of data to send and receive. Bluzelle provides a platform for enterprise-level database solutions. It will also provide reliability because its network nodes are distributed worldwide and cannot stop working at the same time.

Given the increase in the number of devices connected to the Internet, as well as the popularization of other technologies (such as blockchain), it can be assumed that the demand for services offered by developers Bluzelle will be.

Where to buy Bluzelle tokens

As we have already said, there are two types of tokens on the Bluzelle platform: BLZ and BNT. The BNT token is internal, and is used exclusively within this platform. The BLZ token was sold out during the ICO, which ended in January 2018. In general, 500 million BLZ tokens were sold for 19 million dollars.

Now, tokens Bluzelle can be bought at the exchange Binance, after which you will have the opportunity to exchange them for BNT.

Chart and Price Bluzelle (BLZ)

We present to your attention the Bluzelle chart, which depicts the BLZ rate to the dollar.


In such a short time after the end of the ICO, the capitalization of the project has grown significantly, and now amounts to 83 million dollars, although the maximum was 2 times higher. Friends, that’s all, but in the end I would like to add that the project Bluzelle has a good future, just to make the cost of Bluzelle shot you need to wait a little more.

If you want to get more information about the project Bluzelle, visit their official site –bluzelle.com.


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