What is BlackCoin (BLK) cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency BlackCoin

Cryptocurrency BlackCoin is a fork of cryptocurrency Novacoin, which occurred at the end of the winter of 2014. Well, let’s talk a little more about cryptocurrency. BlackCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that originally used the Proof of Work protection, but over time they switched to Proof of Stake. BlackCoin developers claim that they are the first to apply pure Proof of Stake in practice. Thanks to PoS v 3.0, all coin holders receive rewards in the form of dividends. The amount of dividends varies from 1% to 8% per annum.

Technical features of cryptocurrency BlackCoin

Official site – blackcoin.co;

Year of foundation – 2014;

Protection method – Proof of Stake;

Trading ticker – BLK;

The maximum issue is 75 000 000 BLK + PoS dividends.

Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency BlackCoin

Cryptocurrency BlackCoin has two distinctive features that are at the same time its advantages. The first advantage is the ability to profit from a simple holding of coins. The second advantage is the time of transaction confirmation. To confirm a transaction on the BlackCoin network, you only need a little more than a minute. Just compare this number, with the time of confirmation of the transaction in Bitcoin.

The main minus of cryptocurrency BlackCoin is its underestimated and unpopularity. Maybe, developers have forgotten that for the qualitative promotion of their product, it is necessary to infopretense, which will be able to “sell” the goods to the buyer. Maybe, they postponed this moment, as they say, for later. If the second option happens, we are sure that the cost of BlackCoin will be at times higher than the current one.

Prospects of cryptocurrency BlackCoin

Given the total number of coins, at this point, we can say that BlackCoin is not particularly distinguished among them, and the place in the third hundred projects to capitalize direct proof. If the project developers do not want to promote it, it is likely that this coin may dissolve among others. But for beginners miners, BlackCoin is a good simulator, because for this purpose in the network BlackCoin created all the conditions.

Where to buy cryptocurrency BlackCoin

Now, cryptocurrency BlackCoin is trading on the most popular exchanges, the most rated of which are: Bittrex, Poloniex and Livecoin. However, the presence in the listing of the most popular exchanges, it is not the main trump, because besides it can be bought on the wallet of Cryptonator.

Chart and Price BlackCoin (BLK)

We present you BlackCoin chart, which depicts the BLK rate to the dollar.


Frankly speaking, at the time of the creation of cryptocurrency BlackCoin i.e. in 2014, its functionality and technical features were outstanding, but now it will not surprise anyone. That is why we do not consider cryptocurrency BlackCoin as a serious investment tool, but given the price of BlackCoin coins, then not to allocate 5-10 dollars would be a sin. It’s a joke of course. This is all friends, before new meetings.


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