What is BitDegree (BDG) cryptocurrency?

What is cryptocurrency BitDegree (BDG)

Cryptocurrency BDG is a digital token, the world’s first educational platform BitDegree, which provides assistance to students in getting a job. The main activity of BitDegree is directed to training and professional development of people in the specialties of the digital industry, there are programmers, designers, and other specialties.

All calculations inside the platform will be made by internal cryptocurrency BDG, which can be bought for fiat and cryptocurrency.

Features of the BitDegree platform (BDG)

The creation of this site is a big step in the development of the field of education. In addition to the expected functionality, as for the training platform, the developers have created a model, according to which students get the opportunity to receive funding to pass courses on BitDegree (BDG) with the possibility of further employment. Yes, you got it right.

The platform will be combined 3 categories of participants:

  • employers;
  • teachers;
  • students.

Applying to the platform, the employer can choose several students, whom he will pay tuition on the required specialty, and at the end of the training he can get a job in the company. At the end of the training, each student will receive a diploma with grades that will depend on the level of salary. Students will be trained, so-called teachers, who in some cases will be active employees of employers.

All relationships within the framework will be controlled by smart contracts, and all calculations will be done by BitDegree tokens (BDG).

Education on the platform will be available absolutely for everyone. Therefore, having a certain number of tokens in your asset, you will be able to pass the course and get a diploma.

Perspectives of cryptocurrency BitDegree (BDG)

Given the problems in the current education system and the so advanced solution offered by BitDegree (BDG), this platform has everything to be in demand among users.

Despite the fact that the project is in its initial stage of development, it has already found an echo among students, companies and teachers. In the long run, the project team does not want to focus on learning in the field of digital technology, and will undoubtedly expand the field of activity.

We believe that the BitDegree education system (BDG) will be popular, and the increase in the value of tokens will be inevitable. However, you have to wait.

Where to buy cryptocurrency BitDegree (BDG)

Since the release of tokens BitDegree (BDG) to the HitBTC exchange, the value of their token is constantly declining, but now, we began to observe a positive trend. 

Chart and Price BitDegree (BDG)

We present to your attention the BitDegree chart, which depicts the BDG rate to Bitcoin.


Despite the global plans of developers and the difficulties that they will have to overcome, we consider Bitdegree (BDG) a very interesting and promising project. To make more constructive reviews, you need to wait for the beta version of the project.

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