What is Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold is the most decentralized cryptocurrency among bitcoins. The main creator for hardfork Bitcoin Gold is Jack Liao, who has been engaged in the delivery of mining equipment for a long time. The appearance of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold was preceded by the conflict of Jack with Dzhihan Wu  – the famous miner in China, after which Jack lit up the idea of “ruin Dzhihan’s life”.

The reason for the occurrence of Bitcoin Gold

When the world again heard information about another possible hardfork of Bitcoin, among the whole crypto community could see a lot of surprise, because not passed and 2 months after the advent of Bitcoin Cash. But, this didn’t not embarrass Jack Liao, because he had a clear goal, which was to return cryptocurrency Bitcoin status of a truly decentralized cryptocurrency. Now, the production of Bitcoin is available only with the help of equipment ASIC, which is not small money. This fact significantly complicates the possibility of mining for people with a small amount of money, which in turn enables large mining farms to “control” the Bitcoin system. Mining cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold is available, with the help of conventional video cards, which makes the Bitcoin gold network more decentralized, because the number of miners with farms on video cards is much larger than the number of miners on the ASIC.

Technical features of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold

Official site –bitcoigold.org

Year of foundation – 2017

Protection method – Proof of Work

Algorithm – Equihash

Trading ticker – BTG

Maximum emission – 21 000 000

The main change of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold is its new hashing algorithm, which was changed from SHA 256 to Equihash, which allowed to prevent Bitcoin gold mining with the help of ASICs.

Chart and Price Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

We present to your attention the Bitcoin Gold chart, which depicts the BTG rate to bitcoin.


Here, in principle, and all the information that you need to understand what is different last hardfork Bitcoin. What swings prospects, it is difficult to evaluate them, because only time can show what is worthy of a project. Friends, thank you for reading us, see you soon.


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