What is Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diamond

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diamond is a hardfork of Bitcoin, which was held on November 24, 2017, on the 495 866 block of Bitcoin network. Fork Bitcoin Diamond took place thanks to the efforts of two teams EVEY and 007, which were not quite the characteristics of digital gold.

Features of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diamond

Like other forks of Bitcoin (Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash), Bitcoin Diamond has set the goal to correct such shortcomings of the BTC network as:

– block size;

– the size of commissions;

– full openness.

The Bitcoin Diamond team was able to expand the block size to 8 MB, making it 5 times faster to generate the blocks than the main network. The same change has reduced the commission for transactions, which has made BCD more adaptable to daily consumption.

However, the most important “bug” that was solved by Bitcoin Diamond developers was to provide partial confidentiality. In the new cryptocurrency, the user’s wallet balance will be encrypted, which significantly strengthens the security of users from hacking frauds.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diamond

It is very difficult to talk about the prospects of hardforks of Bitcoin. In due time, we expected that Bitcoin Gold will show a good increase in value, but it did not happen. Therefore, in order not to be unfounded, we will refrain from the predictions of the value of Bitcoin Diamond.

Not very good at the prospects of Bitcoin Diamond indicates the fact that at the end of last year, his name was due to fraudulent schemes.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diamond

Now, cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diamond is trading on Binance, OKex и Gate.io. Its cost is significantly different. 

Chart and Price Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

We present to your attention the Bitcoin Diamond chart, which depicts the BCD rate to the dollar.


You can find more information about Bitcoin Diamond opportunities on the official website of the project – btcd.io. That’s all, before the new meetings, and thanks for staying with us.


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