What is Bitbay (BAY) cryptocurrency?



What is cryptocurrency Bitbay (BAY)

Cryptocurrency Bitbay is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to carry out transactions within the Bitbay platform. This cryptocurrency is completely anonymous and secure and uses the Proof of Stake method in its work.

What is a platform Bitbay

The platform Bitbay yet, which is still in development, but after the launch – it will be a whole economy for the sphere of cryptocurrencyies. On the basis of Bitbay will be implemented smart contracts and other financial instruments that will be able to change the world. A regular user will be able to use the Bitbay platform to buy and sell goods, for example, through online auctions.

Perspectives of cryptocurrency Bitbay (BAY)

You need to look into its “roadmap” to assess the prospects of the project, the map of Bitbay is here (https://bitbay.market/roadmap). After analyzing Roadmap Bitbay, we can say that the end of 2017 and the first quarter will be very saturated with events. At the end of the year, the developers promise to please the followers of their brainchild Christmas surprise, and in early 2018 present Web wallet for smartphones and launch smart contracts on the platform. In short, we have not met the analogues of this project. The idea, which is laid in it, will certainly be in demand, so we believe that by the end of the year one coin Bitbay will be equal to 0.10 dollars.

Where to buy a coin Bitbay (BAY)

BAY coins are traded not several stock exchanges, but 95.5% of all trades are held on Bittrex, a review of which you can read here. Buying coins Bitbay on Bittrex, you can transfer them to the native web wallet of the coin, which you can register here, after a 30 seconds procedure.

Chart and Price Bibay (BAY)

We present you Bibay chart, which depicts the BAY rate to the dollar.


Platform Bitbay is a unique decentralized trading platform, which provides users to buy and sell goods and services completely without commissions. If you haven’t bought your own BAY coins, then above is specified how to do it. In the meantime, you think – we’re buying. Before the meetings.


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