What is ATB Coin (ATB) cryptocurrency?


What is cryptocurrency ATB Coin

Cryptocurrency ATB Coin – is a decentralized cryptocurrency that combines the best cryptographic technologies, including the use of the SegWix system, support lighting network and multi-signatures. Support of these technologies, makes the platform ATB Coin is more flexible and efficient, and it solves the problem of scalability and speed of payments.

Technical features cryptocurrency ATB Coin

Official site – atbcoin.com

Year of foundation – 2017

Protection Method – PoS

Algorithm – SHA-256; ECDSA

Trade symbol – ATB

Maximum emission – 300 000 000 ATB

Advantages of cryptocurrency ATB Coin

Due to its technical features, cryptocurrency ATB Coin has a generation of new blocks in 2.5 minutes, against 10 minutes when using the PoW technology. Cryptocurrency ATB Coin is completely anonymous to users, thanks to the encryption algorithms used. What is still worth highlighting is the low Commission for transaction execution.

Where to buy cryptocurrency ATB Coin

At the moment, cryptocurrency ATB Coin on the exchanges TOPBTC, Exrates, HITBTC and YoBit, and daily turnover of trades on this cryptocurrency is 900 thousand dollars. After buying cryptocurrency ATB coin you can transfer it to one of the multi wallets that support it, or to the native purse ATB Coin, which can be downloaded on Windows and MacOs.

Prospects cryptocurrency ATB Coin

To speak about prospects cryptocurrency ATB Coin, it is necessary to give it a little time for development and realization least half of the plans planned in the road map, and already then to draw conclusions.


Here is such a brief turned out our review of ATB Coin, but in the near future, we will present a little more information about the platform ATB Coin. If there are changes in the ATB Coin project, we will notify you about it, because we are in direct contact with the developers. On this all dear friends, to get more information about cryptocurrencies, subscribe to our blog, the application for subscription is located on the main page.


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