What is Arcblock (ABT) Cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Arcblock

Cryptocurrency Arcblock (ABT) is a digital token of the blockchain platform of the 3rd generation. Arcblock is a cryptocurrency, which in its functionality is very much reminiscent of Cardano. In other words, Arcblock is a whole ecosystem for blockchain projects and their decentralized applications, within which applications based on blockchain of different projects will communicate.

Advantages of Arcblock blockchain

All existing blockchain projects have the main problems – low productivity, expensiveness, blocking, lack of necessary functions and much more. The Arcblock platform offers a solution to all these problems, thanks to the combination of blockchain technology and Cloud Computing. In addition, the developers of Arcblock implemented in their project technology Blocklet – application protocol, which can be implemented in any programming language.

In general, the Arcblock platform has a number of advantages, which are:

  • Efficiency;
  • Optimization;
  • Convenience;
  • Architecture.

Once again we will emphasize that the Arcblock platform is built around the technology Blocklet and decentralized service Arcblock Marketplace.

Where to buy Arcblock tokens (ABT)

Cryptocurrency Arcblock has recently been trading on the exchanges Huobi and OKEx, at an average price of $1 for 1 token ABT. Despite the fact that the project is only launched, its capitalization is 8 795 BTC, which is at the current rate of about 100 million dollars.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Arcblock

It is difficult to imagine the success of this platform in the short term, as it has very strong competitors, the main of which is Cardano. What is really able to promote the value of Arcblock tokens up, as it is the conclusion of partnerships with some blockchain platforms of the 1st and 2nd generation. However, while it is early to talk about it, because the project is under development and according to the road map by the end of the 1st quarter of 2019, the platform will be fully ready for use.

Chart and Price Arcblock (ABT)

We present to your attention the Arcblock chart, which depicts the ABT rate to Bitcoin.


This is how we see the project Arcblock. Regarding the prospects of ABT, we can be wrong, but we write what we think. If we had a time machine, we would be able to give a more accurate forecast, but for now – we write only our thoughts.

We will finish our review on this beautiful note.


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